Is Kedusha an Extreme or a Balance?

The premise of the frum world is that kedusha is an extreme. The further to the extreme you go and the more chumras you adopt, the holier you are. We’ve lost the idea of Kedusha as a balance you walk between extremes. The extreme is the goal.

The problem with extremes is that human behavior isn’t a straight line, it’s a circle. Go too far in one direction and you wind up becoming exactly what you hate. Kedusha means holiness but a Kedeisha is a prostitute. Both are forms of departure from the moral norm. Go too far in pursuing a holy extreme and you prostitute yourself. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Shabbtai Tzvi. Sabbatean ideas of holiness requires degradation. Filth becomes holiness.

People are more comfortable pursuing extremes than walking a balance. An extreme lets you unleash all your fanaticism without judgment or discretion and condemn anyone who won’t join in. A balance requires judgment which requires restraint.

Extremes are also a Yetzer. Conquering your own extremism requires being Kovesh your own Yetzer.

One thought on “Is Kedusha an Extreme or a Balance?

  1. MagWheels says:

    Chabad advocates the Sabbatean view of making filth holy.
    They are very close to Sabbateanism in this view.

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