NCSY are Evil Haredim?

Updated: Reply from David Kelsey and Rebuttal

Jewschool’s David Kelsey has an idiotic rant (even by Jewschool standards) claiming that NCSY is destroying liberal kids by seducing them with Havdalah and teaching them to hate America and the Scientific Method. No really he says this. What have the boys and girls at Jewschool been smoking for Havdalah?

The conflicts created from teens adopting the ideologies of the haredi institutions NCSY guides them to include (but are not limited to): A rejection of scientific method, in accordance with the haredi leaders they report to; a postponement of college indefinitely; a rejection of secular education as a worthy goal in itself; a rejection of full-time secular college; a preference for maximum halachic (Jewish Law) compliance (hardly restricted to kashrut); acceptance of stringencies not recognized as halacha outside of the ultra-Orthodox; anti-Americanism; encouragement of restrictive haredi garb; a rejection of friends and even family members who aren’t Orthodox; a contempt for Modern Orthodoxy; a belief that haredi leaders are near-infallible, an acceptance of inferior status within the ultra-Orthodox because of their niddah conception and non-Orthodox background.

And then the evil Rabbis lure the kids into their gingerbread houses and make them read Rabbi Avigdor Miller. The really funny thing about this nonsense is that this is a mirror image of the paranoid nonsense that Haredim tell you about college.

Using David Kelsey’s non-logic if you recommend kids go to college, you’re encouraging them to become atheists, have unprotected sex, hate America, steal MP3’s, binge drink, worship Richard Dawkins and begin a life of atheistic STD infected America hating MP3 stealing. That’s just as stupid as the paranoid worst case scenarios David Kelsey trots out at Jewschool.

Most NCSY kids will not go on to Haredi institutions and many who do might actually want to because they find them more philosophically compatible. Many of the adult Baal Teshuvas I met also wanted religious extremes. Many joined Chassidic groups. That was their choice.

Painting Haredi institutions with a worst case scenario brush as America, women and modern orthodox hating beasts is as bigoted and stupid as if a Haredi writer were to caricature Modern Orthodox institutions as casual toward Halacha, filled with promiscuous sex and dedicated to teaching kids to kill Arabs all day.

And NCSY has expanded the public school population they serve tremendously. They control over 170 clubs in our public schools. Rabbi Burg is the “dean” of the Jewish “Student” Union.

And next they’re taking over the world! First the public school club. Then America. Then the world. Then Mars! Then the last remnants of sanity in David Kelsey’s rotted brain! Then Alpha Centauri! Then DimensionX. There’s no stopping NCSY! Warn your kids! Warn your dogs! Warn your talking plants! Their “Dean” is coming after you!

Even in this attempt to appear moderate in a Jewish newswire that primarily services secular and liberal Jewry, NCSY’s leader utterly ignores the concerns of secular and liberal Jewry. Excuse me for feigning shock and surprise.

David Kelsey is whining about Kiruv and Baal Tesuvah groups using a liberal and secular blog as a forum and pretending they’re the devil. Excuse me for feigning shock and surprise. My advice, if you don’t like NCSY, do better. I was never part of NCSY. What I saw was Modern Orthodox lite kids a long way from Harediville. So relax and take deep breaths.