A Not So Humble Angel

Where is the line drawn between an activist and an antisemite? Diane Reaves aka Humble Angel seems determined to help redefine it. Diane Reaves, often going by the user name Humble Angel online, is a Lakewood resident, apparently a Fundamentalist Christian, who spends a major chunk of her time offline and online obsessed with the Jews.

Community changes are never fun but there’s a point when obsessing about it crosses the line into being a bigoted nutjob and whether she calls herself Diane Reaves or Humble Angel, she’s crossed that line long ago.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to encounter Diane Reaves / Humble Angel ,you’ll notice that she’s obsessed with one thing and it’s Jews.  Creating her own forums and trolling other peoples, she occasionally attempts to pass of her burning animosity toward the Lakewood Jewish community as opposition to illegal immigration which she blames on the Jews but a quick search shows Diane Reaves / Humble Angel posting just about anything negative she can find about the Lakewood Jewish community, regardless of whether it involves illegal immigration.

When the Jamarr Dickerson vs Elchonon Zimmerman case came up in Lakewood, Diane Reaves slash Humble Angel went into a frenzy posting the article on many forums and babbling about how the Jews get away with anything. Ironically for a supposed advocate against illegal immigration’s impact on communities, Diane Reaves took sides against a home owner and with a teenager who trespassed on his property and attacked him.

But then again Diane Reaves’ antipathy toward Jews has nothing to do with logic but is the venomous undercurrent to her phony sugary persona which she uses to try and pass the venom underneath as something innocuous. There’s something really repulsive about seeing someone with a flying angel avatar and using names like Humble Angel spend all her time spreading hate on and off the internet against a group that her own bible tells her to love.

My advice to anyone on immigration forums is not to let Diane Reaves or Humble Angel hijack the discussion with her rants about Jews. She is not an opponent of illegal immigration which is a problem created by contractors and homeowners of all races and religions and corporations that look for cheap labor but an opponent of Jews for her own reasons. She’s simply a bigot hiding behind a sickly sweet facade. Illegal immigration hurts Orthodox Jews as much as it hurts anyone else.  Her interest is not in illegal immigration as in Jews.