Some Lessons for the Jewish Press on Blogging

I don’t know whether to laugh or yawn at this point. Now Chumi Friedman has apparently unilaterally edited Elliot Resnick’s post in order to get across “The point he wanted to make” even as she deleted what he wrote in his own defense, calling it an administrative decision. I think this officially qualifies as a disaster in damage control.

Something to remember the next time the Jewish Press sneers at other newspapers. The Jewish Press wanted to get into blogging on the cheap, but if a newspaper runs a blog it had better do it professionally. The Elliot Resnick mess was unprofessional. Elliot Resnick slandered an entire Jewish community and Chumi Friedman made it worse with a clumsy coverup, lashing out at everyone for engaging in Lashon Hara and claiming that Elliot Resnick was only guilty of a poor choice of words.

Sorry but this is not a poor choice of words. “Unfortunately, some Jews, including — or perhaps especially Chassidic Jews, will make sure never to shake a woman’s hand and to always faithfully wear a black hat but lie (stretching the truth is perhaps a more delicate term) with astonishing some ease.”

Or as Chumi Friedman says, “The point he wanted to make was that not all, or most, or even many Chassidim or Chareidim (or Modern Orthodox Jews for that matter) are guilty of the behavior described in the post; however, it is not an uncommon occurrence in Orthodox communities.”

Nope, his point was that this is common among Chassidim. That was the whole thrust of his post. It was wrong halachically. It was wrong ethically and it was wrong journalistically. Just admit it and move on.

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