Lakewood NAACP: Shut the Hell Up

Last night at the Township Committee meeting there was a prayer service for the recovery of Mordechai Moskowitz and the arrest of the man who beat him nearly to death with a baseball bat

“We would’ve hoped that meetings like this would’ve made attacks like these impossible, but that proved not the case,” Rabbi Lee Paskind, a response team member, said. “In this case, it was an Orthodox person. It could’ve been an African American, a Latino or a white person. It simply doesn’t matter. As a citizen, they have the right of protection to live safely in our community.”

Yet James Waters, former head of the NAACP’s local chapter, criticized the team.
“I would’ve liked to see (the response team) give Jamarr Dickerson the same kind of consideration. When something bad happens to anybody we have to have the same vigilance, the same concerns and the same sympathy, because everybody’s equally important.”

This is why people hate the NAACP. Jamarr Dickerson had minor bruises. MINOR BRUISES. Rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz was nearly beaten to death. His face was an unrecognizable mess.

Jamar Dickerson was held down after trespassing on someone else’s property. He was not beaten. He had no actual injuries. Rabbi Mordechai Moskowitz was walking down the street when he was beaten over and over again with a baseball bat until he was a bloody mess. See the minor difference here James Waters?

This is why people hate the NAACP.

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