Blogger Hysteria over Sex Abuse in the Orthodox Community: “Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children!!!”

These days nothing gets the assorted idiots of the Jblogsphere wound up like another accusation of child abuse against a Rabbi or a Rabbi making a statement that in some way or form maybe possibly minimizes the full seriousness of child abuse which is an issue we should be occupied with 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year.

And now for a rebuttal from the Shrieking Idiot crowd.


Thanks Shrieking Idiot.

Ever since an unmedicated nutjob calling himself UnOrthodox Jew began shrieking his fool head off, claims and accusations of child abuse in the Orthodox community has gotten MO bloggers to salivate over the promise of having their very own Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal to play with.

But let’s bottom line this bitch, SEXUAL ABUSE OF KIDS HAPPENS IN EVERY KIND OF INSTITUTION AND EVERY KIND OF INSTITUTION COVERS IT UP. Go look at the backlog, it happens in Catholic, Protestant, Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, Haredi and Muslim and Buddhist and Secular Humanist schools.

Pedophiles don’t have a religion. Every type of institution also covers them up because they’re bad publicity and because every kind of institution covers up for their own.

Most of the MO bloggers shrieking on about sex abuse in the Haredi world wouldn’t give a fraction of this coverage to sex abuse in the Modern Orthodox world. How often has Hirhurim written about sex abuse in the MO world?

And now for a rebuttal from the shrieking idiot crowd.


American hysteria about the sex abuse of children has long passed the bend into insane. The Jblogsphere is going down the same road. I got news for you guys, I have no problem calling the Haredi world on its defects, but if you think the MO world is any better, you’re living in Fantasyville.

Baruch Lanier anyone?