Yes Virginia, There is a “Self-Hating Jews for Christmas”

A lot of Jews have a need to be somebody’s bitch. Whether it’s Liberal Jews screaming that we should vote Obama and leave Iran alone or Conservative Jews screaming that Christmas is under attack, there’s something warped in our psyche from 3000 years filled with slavery and exile. Some sort of need to find a master and bark at his feet.

When I look at Jews like this, I have no problem understanding Anti-semitism because how could you not be repulsed by people with so little self-respect as to write something like Jews for Christmas?

This sad article at Israpundit features the pathetic Jewish shills who are “fighting” for the right of the majority of Americans to celebrate Christmas. You know that “right” which isn’t under attack anywhere except in the deluded minds at WND and Talk Radio.

Over at Newsmax, Barry Farber shrieks like the whiny little bitch that he is

“In 1968 the New York Times published an op-ed piece I wrote recalling the feelings of a Jewish boy in North Carolina loving absolutely everything about the full-dress, throttle-out celebration of – not “holidays,” not the “winter festival,” not any “season” that called for “greetings,” but Christmas. Do you hear me? CHRISTMAS! And I mean Christmas in the public schools.”

So Barry, why don’t you just CONVERT and get it over with? If you love Christmas, then you love Christ which means you love Christianity. Go join your local Church and get your Santa fetish on. And stop whining about it.

So, as Christmas was undergoing its “Kristallnacht” even before the current intensified pogrom of no carols, no gifts, no Salvation Army bell ringers at Target stores, and not even the utterance of the name of this toweringly vital Christian holiday, there I was – lonely if not all alone – wishing they had contests to see which Jew knew the most verses of the most Christmas carols.

Barry, I almost feel sorry for you but mostly I want to kick you in the head. You’re the lowest piece of filth on the planet that I can think of right now. You’re comparing the beginning of the Holocaust to not being able to hear Christmas Carols.

I have a dream – “Jews For Christmas,” a vigorous movement of American Jews rising up to make sure nobody pushes around those Christians whose ancestors decided, for the first time in history, to make a unique wonderland like America, where nobody gets pushed around because of his God-loving ways. Before you other Jews rush to join me, let me warn you: This movement will be EXTREMIST.

Also to join, you’ll need to bring two dogs willing to have sex with Barry Farber. It can be any kind of dog, he’s not picky.

I say to them: “Damn right, it’s our country, too. But American Christians don’t need you to tell them that. The reason it’s our country, too, is because their Christian forefathers demanded that it be so. They were telling YOU it’s your country, too, while your great-grandfather was hiding your grandmother in the hayloft while her sisters were being raped by drunken Cossacks in Minsk.”

Yes, they demanded it! Just tell it to all the Jews on the St. Louis. Just tell it to the Six Million Jews who died while American Christians slammed the door shut. Just tell it to the people in Israel who are seeing their country wiped out because of good American Christians like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

No Barry, go on screwing the pooch. It’s what you do best.

The absolute best friend the Jew has had anywhere on earth is the American Christian. If it weren’t for the American Christian, there’d be no state of Israel and no Jew left alive except for those able to fake another religious identity. During World War II, young Americans not themselves directly threatened went off uncomplainingly to give the British and the Russians much-needed help to destroy Nazi Germany.

Hi Barry Farber, I’m a history book. Watch me fit myself into your retarded mouth in the hopes of actually making my way into your brain.

Young Americans only went to war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on America. Jews were kept out of America for the most part, those same American Christians lobbied to keep Jews out of America and in the gas chambers and then put them in D.P. Camps after WW2. Truman only agreed to a state of Israel because he wanted Jewish votes.

Now go back to the pooch, Barry.

No poet, no philosopher and certainly no historian can name a better friend of the Jewish people than the American Christian.

I don’t know, how about God? You ever heard of God, Barry? No, not the one in your manger. Never mind Barry, God isn’t for you. Go back to the poodle. And Barry Farber and the rest of this idiotic crowd can finally join Jews for Jesus, after all the effort they just spent defending Jesus’ birthday they should get free admission. I’m sure there’ll be lots of caroling and dead baby god worship for them to enjoy.

The only reason for them not to join Jews for Jesus would be that they’re too dishonest to do it.

7 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There is a “Self-Hating Jews for Christmas”

  1. Chaim Dovid says:

    The comment that they love Xians more than the Abishter was very right you know.
    But this is the state of these assimilated jews.

  2. Bill Levinson says:

    What’s wrong with Jews for Christmas? It’s simply a matter of acknowledging a holiday that is important to our Christian friends, as opposed to accepting Jesus’ purported divinity. We can celebrate the beliefs and values we hold in common with Christians without embracing their theology.

    Similarly, I would hope that Christians would acknowledge Hanukkah since, if the Jews had not won the war it commemorates, Jesus would have been an idol-worshipper like everybody else, and Christianity would never have existed. Same for Purim; if Haman had gotten his way, no Jews ==> no Jesus ==> no Christianity.

    If you want total lack of self-respect, try the National “Jewish” Democratic Council and the ADL. NJDC and ADL whitewashed anti-Semitic (and other) hate speech from’s now-disgraced Action Forum, and ADL’s Foxman just sanitized Al Sharpton by issuing a joint statement with him. Maybe their opposition to anti-Semitism stops where the left wing of the Democratic Party begins.

    I think we have far worse things to worry about (like Islamic supremacists who want to kill, subjugate, or forcibly convert us along with our Christian friends, and the rabid anti-Semites who infest the left wing of the Democratic Party) than whether someone puts up a creche outside a public building or sings Christmas carols.

  3. samuraimohel says:

    What’s wrong with Jews for Christmas? It’s got Jews and Christmas in the same sentence. Is there a Christians for Chanukah?

    Do you even understand that Judaism and Christianity are different religions?

    People like Barry Farber are just as pathetic and self-hating as the ADL

  4. Moshe says:

    What is wrong with Jews for Christmas is that Christmas is pagan based and torah teaches us that we are not to learn the ways of the heathen nor to have any part in pagan doings. Since Christians claim to worship the G-d of the Jews, then by participating in the festivities that are really based in the ancient Saturanlia and Brumalia, one is participating in an abomination before G-d.
    This is why Jews should not participate.
    They also should not hinder, but they must not participate. One can be distance from such things without being nasty.

  5. Moshe says:

    There is no comparison in chanukah and christmas. Christmas is based on saturnalia and not the birth of Jesus which would not have been in december to begin with by the description of sheep in the field. It is an artifcial construct. Jews of that day did not celebrate birthdays for religious reasons, therefore J himself would not have kept his own birthday and you should not either.
    Since Dec 25 is the winter solstice and a constructed day to satisfy pagan converts to christianity who would not give up their special days, it cannot be held in comparison to chanukah which is a real historical happening.

  6. Bill Levinson says:

    I didn’t say that Jews should worship Jesus, sing Christmas carols, or participate in Christian relgious services. On the other hand, I see no reason not to wish “Merry Christmas” to people to whom this holiday is important.

    I agree, by the way, that many Christian holidays were superimposed on pagan ones. Valentine’s Day was originally the Roman Lupercal (as described in “Julius Caesar”). Easter was probably a Spring fertility rite, and even Jesus’ resurrection is similar to the story of various agricultural gods who “died,” went into the ground, and re-emerged when the weather got warm. (E.g. “John Barleycorn.”)

    Nonetheless, this does not mean we cannot respect and even embrace what Christmas represents, as described in Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.” The story includes only one rather unobtrusive reference to Jesus; instead, it relates primarily to how we should treat other people, and the happiness we ourselves gain by treating others well.

  7. samuraimohel says:

    The Farber article actually promotes Christmas Carols and mentions a Jews for Christmas.

    Nor can any religious Jew wish someone Merry Christ-Mas. This should be rather obvious. It’s idol worship

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