Ovada Yosef’s Chief Rabbi: Bring Millions of Ethiopians to Israel

Centuries or maybe even decades from now when Israel has been destroyed by the gang of greedy idiots running the country into the ground, it’s a tossup whether the most popular Jewish curse word will be Olmert or Shas.

Right now I’d bet on Shas which is the last leg under Olmert’s toilet coalition and whose Chief Rabbi just proclaimed he wants millions of Ethiopians to come to Israel.

“Their words imply that the immigration of millions of Ethiopians to this country is a curse. I wish millions would indeed come,” continued Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who also said he has sent a letter on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Why not billions, as long as they vote Shas. Who said Israel is a Jewish state anyway? Yeah the actual Ethiopian Jews are saying these people are not Jews and they worship in Churches, but that’s okay as long as they put up Ovadya Yosef right next to Jesus.

13 thoughts on “Ovada Yosef’s Chief Rabbi: Bring Millions of Ethiopians to Israel

  1. ron says:

    Yeah boy, you can’t take it that there are Jews that aren’t utter racists like yourself. I’d like you to walk up to an Ethiopian Jew and make that statement. Oh wait, I forgot, you ashkeNAZIs think that everyone who isn’t lily-white isn’t deserving of consideration.

    I like this site. I think I’m going to hang around and be the resident troll. Every good site should have one.



  2. samuraimohel says:

    Plenty of ethiopian jews will say the same damn thing

    if you want to hang out and be a troll on a blog that’s rarely updated, troll your pathetic little heart out

  3. ron says:

    “Plenty of ethiopian jews will say the same damn thing” Was that a formal study or did you get the “number” plenty out of your ass?

    Bring it on Elfy Mcelfton. My Kenshido is strong!


  4. LaRay says:

    Racism has nothng to do with this. Israel as a place is the inheritance of the children of Jacob through Abraham. The land literally belongs only to those people.
    Converts are always welcomed, whatever color, but have no inheritance in the land.

  5. Bob says:

    Kenshido went out with the dinosaurs

  6. ron says:

    to Laray-

    Racism applies when someone assumes that because another mans background or skin color is different it therefore implies that they cannot possibly be from the same race. Keep in mind these people were living among the African nations for some two millenia. Changes in their physical appearance are inevitable when they adopt enough of the native population among their own.

    To tell me that we should discount them because a significant percentage or even a majority have adopted Christianity is as ridiculous as telling me that we should discount Jews of European ancestry because a significant percentage or a majority have adopted atheism.

    to Bob –

    And Mohel Samurai is probably not an Elf, what’s your point? 🙂


  7. LaRay says:

    If skin changed because of location then why are not African Americans white yet?
    Why arent South African of European descent who have been there hundreds of years darker in the least?
    Why don’t white people who have lived in Japan for hundreds of years change?
    Why are the Ainu who live in Japan caucasian, while Japanese are not?
    Nope doenst wash.
    There are differences in the races from an anthropological point both in genetic makeup, bone structure and in blood makeup. It is best to get donations from one from your own race for a better match. Interracial children can have a hard time finding donors, God love them.
    Race is a real thing and its not something to find fault with. God designed races of people for his own reasons.

    On the subject of atheism, thats interesting because being a “Jew” is predicated on the covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Now if one is an atheist and doesn’t believe in that covenant or the God with whom it is made, then that one cannot really be a Jew in a spiritual sense of the word.
    They can be physically descended, just as Ishmael and Esav are , but they really are no longer part of the covenant or the people of that covenant.

  8. Esmay says:

    I never knew that Ovadyiah Yosef was Jesus. Wow.

  9. ron says:

    Never said anything about location. Let me quote myself again. “Changes in their physical appearance are inevitable when they adopt enough of the native population among their own.”

    Hell, even if I had said location, I could have made a go of it. There’s a gemmara (don’t remember where), that states that the appearance of child depends on where the child was born, the idea being that the malach in charge of that region determines the appearance of the child.

    But that isn’t my argument. As for differences in genetic makeup – so what? We don’t decide who is a Jew based on DNA testing.

    As far as atheism is concerned, you are missing my point. Yes, everything you said regarding them is pretty straightforward, but I wasn’t arguing about individual heretics. I was arguing about whether the minority which DID NOT adopt heresy should be discounted because of the bulk of the population which did.

    I think you should keep in mind that these brothers of ours have taken a serious beating to keep to our shared identity. Sure, they lost the bulk of knowledge which the rest of take for granted, but keep in mind, that they have been starved (literally), massacred, raped, and enslaved because they refused to adopt the religion of the damnable Christians.

    Btw, can anyone tell me when this “Judeo-Christian” crap came along? One minute they’re kicking us up and down Europe and the next they’re our best buddies? What the hell?


  10. Aram says:

    ” We don’t decide who is a Jew based on DNA testing.”

    Possession of EY does though in that you must be a physical descendant to have a tribal allotment.
    So bring in the converts til Jews are no longer Jews and EY is no longer theirs.

  11. ron says:

    One second, are you seriously telling me that inheritance in EY depends on DNA testing?

    Look, I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge is incomplete. If you can back that statement up, I would really appreciate it.

    Also, I’d like to point out something else. You’re the second person to talk about inheritance in EY – implying the entire land as a whole. When we all know that inheritance in EY was alloted to different tribal groups. So that, if we assume that you and I are from Yehuda, the reality is that we have no real claim to most of the country.

    Personally, I think we should take over the whole place. But that’s more in the sense of necessity than in inheritance. At best you can also say we should take it over for the sake of “stewardship” that is, we’re taking control to hand it over to the other tribes, once we figure out who belongs to which group.


  12. samuraimohel says:

    inheritance of the land is collective to all of Jacob’s children, within that collective inheritance individual sections of the land are allotted

    within that jerusalem belonged to all the tribes and though the tribe of levi had no specific inheritance, they had a claim on everyone’s crops

  13. Tabatha says:


    The issue isn’t one of colour or ‘race’.

    The issue is that many Ethiopians have been hoodwinked by “messianic jews”(Christians) into believing that they are genuinely part of the Jewish people.

    Do you really think that, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Messianics already cheerfully luring Israeli Jews into Christianity, Israel needs more in the form of Ethiopian Messianics?

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