Jews for Hitler

I have zero doubt that if Hitler came back from the dead today, came out for abortion and gay rights and ran on the Democratic Party line, that within hours there would be Jews for Hitler springing up all over the place and bogus fact sheets debunking any wacky ideas that Hitler is anti-semitic.

How do I know that? Take a damn look at how many Jews are crowding up to bend their knees for Obama and Hillary. To find two greater enemies of the Jewish people running on the Democratic line, you would have to go back to the 19th century or the Carter election.

I’m not even going to talk about any sense of shame because these people don’t have any. Simcha Felder will rush out to support Obama without caring that he’s a racist who hates Jews. Brooklyn and Lakewood will cut checks for Hillary Clinton without caring how much Jewish blood in Israel that vile couple have on their hands. Bring on Farrakhan, bring on Hitler, bring on Stalin, bring on anybody as long as the Machers and the Activists can get their foot one more step of the ladder already slick with their brothers’ blood. These Cains’ with dollars and rolodex’s clutched in their filthy little hands have been strangling the Jewish people for too long.

I hate liberal Jews. Liberal Jews are the bastard children of the Enlightment, a plague of self-hating rats scurrying away from their Jewishness and doing their best to be good Universalists or Christian Scientists. Unlike most plagues Liberal Jews are breeding themselves out of the Jewish people and doing as much damage as they can until they go home to their Chinese and Methodist grandchildren.

I hate slimy frum machers who are honored at dinners and everyone talks about what they do for the Community and by Community they mean other machers. They lie, cheat and steal. They’re our politicians and we can’t get rid of them, no more than anyone else has figured out how to get rid of their politicians. Their talleisim are trimmed with silver and their souls with festering rot.

Give me a junkie, a whore, an adulterer and a thief over a macher and a liberal Jew, because any of them have more integrity. Lift this curse from us O Lord and return us to our land as in the days of old.

3 thoughts on “Jews for Hitler

  1. Joe Izrael says:

    Very good!

    For a moment I thought I wrote it 🙂

  2. avi says:

    They will vote in droves.
    Elderly Florida Jews would vote Hitler if he’d raise their SS checks

  3. avi says:

    I believe intermarriage isn’t so bad when it takes away Jewish liberals with their federations, melting pot etc.
    During the Holocaust they were too busy masturbating to FDR to care about Eastern Europe,.
    The wrong 6 million died.

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