Democrats Exploiting Tom Lantos’s Death

Tom Lantos barely got done dying when Democrats who now have to drag the anti-semitic and anti-israel racist Obama to the Jewish community for their Presidential vote, are busy shamelessly exploiting Lantos’ death to bash conservatives.

There’s a great hue and cry over comments Michael Savage made about Lantos exploiting the Holocaust and another over Republicans conducting protests that interfered with a Lantos memorial. These invocations of Tom Lantos, THE ONLY HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR IN THE SENATE, is supposed to make Jews ignore that the Democratic nominee presumptive, Obama, would be happy to make another Holocaust for his Iranian and Nation of Islam friends in Israel.

But anyone who remembers FDR knows that democrats like dead Jews more than they like live ones and so they really love Tom Lantos.

I’m not mad at Lantos and he didn’t exploit being a Holocaust survivor any differently than Kerry, McCain exploited being Vets or Obama exploits being black or Hillary exploits being a woman. But Senator Lantos was more of a Mormon than he was a Jew.

Lantos’ wife was a Mormon. His kids are Mormons. His grandkids are Mormons. Lantos has attended Mormon services. Ethnically Lantos may have been Jewish but in practice he was part of a Mormon family with a Mormon heritage. He was generally pro-Israel except for his Syrian mission, but Democrats who try to play on Jewish sympathies over a Mormon Senator should think twice. Yes, Tom Lantos was THE ONLY HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR IN THE SENATE. But I care more about who’s going to be the Senator who’s going to STAND AGAINST THE NEXT HOLOCAUST.

Lantos is dead, I’m not going to spit on his grave, besides deserting the Jewish people, he was a generally decent politician. I’m sure his Mormon kids will be saying Mormon Kaddish for him. I’d rather not see the Democrats win so I don’t have to be saying Kaddish for a few million Jews in Israel.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Democrats Exploiting Tom Lantos’s Death

  1. Very good – “sharf und kortz” as we say. (sharp and short)

    Lantos did exploit his survivor status amny times. Most recently when demanding a senate resolution denouncing Turkey’s Armenian Genocide, 90+ years after it happened, and which was already condemned at least twice by the US. Interesting he didn’t demand any condemnation over the Ustasha massacres, the Hungarian massacres overseen by Miklos Horthy (who is now canonized as a Jew-saving siant by Yad Vashem and other faculties). Nor did he demant a senate resolution condemning the ’95 Serbian massacre by Albright/Clinton.

    Now watch Dov Bear twist the whole thing to make Michael Savage and “GOP Juden” the real villains.

  2. Rudy says:

    Your blog got a round about mention today on Rush Limbaugh when he referenced a Debbi Schlussel post mentioning your comment on Cult of Personality.
    Schlussel mentioned your name as a commenter but left no link to your blog.

  3. avi says:

    Actually his wife wasn’t a mormon shiksa, she was a Jewish apostate.
    Was Lantos a Holocaust survivor? I don’t know if he truly was or was a Holocaust escapee. He was never in a Nazi daeth camp or forced march. He walked into a Budapest Wallenberg safe house. I think this would make him someone that escaped the Holocaust not survived
    Elie Wiesel survived Aushwitz.
    Kissinger escaped to America. Begin was imprisoned in the Gulag and escaped the Holocaust. Lantos escaped not survived, but exploited it politically.

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