Tear Your Bloody Tzizit!

Is this enough for you yet, you bastards?

Is this enough for you yet Shas? 300 million shekels. How many dead boys does that buy? How many votes does that buy. 30 million shekels a boy was the deal, eh Ovadya? Clutch those bloody shekels tightly you bastard and dream of making your idiot son Chief Rabbi of Yerushalayim, the city you’re bargaining away.

Is this enough yet for you, you idiots with your concert ban, as if not being able to hear Lipa do his best Chassidish tinged Shlock Rock impression was the biggest issue in the world? Is that enough for you? Enough with your petitions and your idiots posts complaining about the Gedolim? You want to know what your Gedolim did? Take a look at those bloody tzizit. That’s what they did. And that’s what you should have been outraged about. THAT!

Is this enough for you yet, you Obama defenders who step over blood to vote for the liberal idols?

Is this enough for you yet, you machers, you chappers, you kochleffels and you tehilim readers. Go read tehilim over the bodies of the dead and see if it will bring back a single one. Stop reading your Tehilim and cry out, cry out against the governments, demand action, shout, scream, behave like maniacs. Do something but don’t sit still and do nothing.

Is this enough for you yet, you petty fools with your petty fights? Is this enough with your chumras and your egalitarian minyans and your strawberries and your zoo rabbis. Does any of that really matter in the face of those bloody Tzizit? Or is it all foolishness and vanity, small minds and egos battering against each other while our brothers die?

Is this enough for you yet? In the name of God Almighty, if this is not enough for you yet, then what in the name of heaven and earth will suffice?

Are you mad that you sit and do nothing, that in an instant you go back to your old squabbling as if any of it mattered? Hold up these bloody tzizit, torn by bullets. Hold them up to the light. Blood will never wash out of them, the stain will always remain. Our Tzizit are torn and bloody. Our nation is torn and bloody and we wander like fools.

Is there no crime, no deed that will wake you from your suburban homes, your upper west side apartments? Nothing that will make you tear your hair, shout, scream and demand justice? Or are you as dead inside as they already are.

Tear your bloody Tzizit, tear them away, shred them on the earth, wash your hands of the blood but it cannot be washed away. Raise your voice in Zion, blow the Shofar and for once in your miserable empty lives, stand up for your brothers.

4 thoughts on “Tear Your Bloody Tzizit!

  1. Ovadya's Mother says:

    Ovadya is a ben niddah and a mamzer also. I admit it freely!!
    He is no rabbi. I am so embarassed by him.

  2. shimra says:

    What exactly CAN we do? The governments of America and Israel are corrupt and don’t give a shit about a pair of bloody tzitzit. I think that the Religious Zionists in Israel should up and take all their sons out of the army, quit contributing to a medina that only seeks their destruction, and create their own State. If only.
    But what in the hell can I do in America? I can only cry. And look at those bloody photos over and over again, somehow hoping that they aren’t real.

  3. samuraimohel says:

    talk about what matters, that’s what

  4. 2 thumbs up, well put. Finally someone else making the point I was tring to make for so long…

    A few remarks howevers: though you’re right about Abdallah Youssouf, it’s interesting how the bulk of the rage is directed against the enabler more than the criminal itself…

    “…cry out against the governments, demand action, shout, scream, behave like maniacs. Do something but don’t sit still and do nothing.” Agreed here, but for a long time I’ve been wondering, WTF will anonymous rantings achieve? Did you go out and found a new Stern Gang? Join your State Militia? No? Why not? Are you afraid of something, or deep down is everyone just a stooge of the left and subscribe “oooooy, noooo violeeeeence” mentality? Remember when S.D. Volpah made the comments about Olmert how the whole world was up in arms against him? He was condemned a 1000 times more than the animals who perpetrated and enabled this carnage.

    Of course, just as in the past 2500 years, including the shoah, we won’t stand up to unite but fight and quabble about ideological minutia. We do our enemies’ job better than anyone else!

    talk about what matters, that’s what” OK, that’s step #-1. Step #0 would be the people, the “we” you, I, anyone and everyone, really caring about our brothers’ blood spilled. If we really did, we wouldn’t let our “leaders” get away with this. If their constituencies would demand tough action from rabbis, we’d get it. We like our fancy cars and houses and steaks and beers a bit too much though.

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