Announcing the Douchebags of the Week!

All around the great big ball of smelly wax of the world, round and round the ball goes and where it stops… it stops at Douchebag Station. Douchebags stand at attention, this is your finest hour.

The first douchebag of the week is New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer who thought the law applied to everyone but him. He loved the media so much he used it to constantly leak stories about his enemies. Now he’s getting the asskicking he deserves. Good riddance.


The second douchebag of the week is George W. Bush who tanked the economy, smashed up the military and didn’t actually accomplish anything except to bring electrical power to some part of some godforsaken camelhumper country that would have been better off staying bombed into the dark ages.

Now Georgie showed up at the Kuwait-American foundation, spinoff of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait group that tricked America into the Gulf War in the first place, saying that his African program isn’t his program, it’s a gift from the American people. Screw you George, the American people hate your guts. You want to give out gift, give us a gift so we can actually afford to buy flour, you privileged Ivy League moron zombie.


The third douchebag of the week is Tzvee Zahavy who hates Jews so much he linked approvingly to Richard Silverstein’s blog Tikkun Olam where Richard was busy bashing an Orthodox Rabbi. Tikkun Olam is Richard Silverstein’s platform for praising terrorists. Tzvee Zahavy obviously doesn’t have the guts to praise them himself, so he gives a little tip of the hat to Richie instead.


The fourth douchebag of the week is Ben Affleck who harnessed the great fame he’s gotten from appearing in a whole lot of crap no one has ever seen in exchange for money who’s now leading Hollywood to get more involved in electing Obama. Great idea Ben, you know how the average person hates actors who won’t shut up about politics. Yeah, now you can harness their hatred for Obama. Now go make Gigli 2 or Reindeer Games 2: The Reindeering.


The fifth douchebag of the week isn’t just Rabbi Michael Lerner who just had to write up that Daily Kos diary ranking the dead teenagers in Mercaz HaRav with the dead terrorists in Gaza. It was ever douchebag liberal Jblogger who found a backdoor way of saying the same thing.I hope you all rot in hell and I hope you get trapped in an elevator for 3 days with Michael Lerner to see which of you will eat the other first. I still bet on Lerner because he’s one fat bastard.

2 thoughts on “Announcing the Douchebags of the Week!

  1. tzvee says:

    Correction – i do not link approvingly to Silverstein.

  2. samuraimohel says:

    correction, yes you did

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