This is What Happens When Foreigners Staff Hospitals

America is the country of immigrants, except unfortunately these days it’s the country of illiterate immigrants handling services in English, a language they don’t actually speak.

Me: (calling hospital) “Hello I’d like to make an appointment to Dr. XYZ”

Heavily Accented Asian Lady: “What department is he in.”

Me: “I don’t know. He’s a GP. General Practitioner.”

Heavily Accented Asian Lady: “GP. Ah, ok. GP department.”

And there went another chunk of my day. I’ve been to a post office that has staff based on race and ethnicity, not based on competence. The very nice Chinese man at the package window CANNOT READ ENGLISH. He barely speaks English. I have no idea how he passed his civil service exam but he could not actually read what was written on the packages. Getting a package from him, if you weren’t Chinese was a long grueling process. The last time it took 15 minutes until he finally got another Chinese lady who can read English but who was openly rude and hostile, telling people to leave and not come back.

When government facilities and hospitals cant seem to find anyone to record messages who doesn’t speak with a heavy accent, there’s something seriously wrong.

One thought on “This is What Happens When Foreigners Staff Hospitals

  1. Ah, you evil xenophobe, how dare you! Don’t you realize the only thing that will ever solve all our problems is another 50 million mexicans and asians from turd world countries?

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