Ben Stein’s Expelled : Darwinism does Not lead to Auschwitz! Anti-Semitism leads to Auschwitz!

Ben Stein is a pretty intelligent guy. But he’s also a giant whore.

Most people remember him as that guy who keeps repeating Ferris Bueller over and over again. Some remember him for those annoying eyedrops commercials. Fewer people remember that he was Richard Nixon’s lawyer and speech writer. In other words a giant whore.

Ben Stein has\had a game show, but he also has a movie that exploits the murder of Six Million Jews for the agenda of the Christian religious right. The movie is Expelled and it attempts to sell the piece of shitty historical revisionism that Darwinism not Christian Anti-Semitism was responsible for the Holocaust.

Ben Stein is so shameless about it that Expelled , his Pro-Intelligent Design movie exploits the Holocaust, actually featuring footage of Auschwitz and Dachau and blaming Darwinism for it.

Let’s get something straight Benny. You want to do Intelligent Design movies, gey gezunte heit. Knock yourself out. Knock yourself into next week. But leave the Holocaust out of it. Don’t use the locations where millions of Jews were brutally murdered to prop up your argument. It’s repulsive and disgusting. Just like you.

Darwnism did not kill millions of Jews. Anti-Semitism did. Darwnism did not lead to Auschwitz. Anti-Semitism did. When you try to cover that up with lies, you disgrace yourself and exploit the dead to whitewash their killers. And that’s Expelled for you.

Darwin did not favor killing anyone. Martin Luther and the long series of Popes did. The idea of superior races predates Darwin by millennia. Darwinism in the hands of the Nazis was just a tool for arguing what Germans had believed anyway long before him, that they were a superior race and that Jews were an inferior one. The origin of those beliefs is not in Darwinism but in the crooked heart of man. It’s in the teachings of the Catholic Church, it’s in the New Testament which proclaims that Jesus’ blood was to be on the Jewish people and their descendants. There is a direct road from that to the gas chamber but it’s not a road Ben Stein wants to walk. It’s much easier to kowtow to the Christian religious right, to produce something like Expelled and blame the atheists for it. The problem is that the Nazis weren’t atheists, for the most part they were Catholics and Lutherans, good Christians, who like centuries of good Christians saw it their Christian duty to murder Jews.

Atheists didn’t massacre hundreds of thousands of Jews under Chmelnitski. Atheists did not burn Jews at the stake in Spain. Atheists did not stone Jews to death for poisoning wells or torture them for days over claims that we drank Christian blood. Atheists did not machine gun Jews and toss their bodies in pits and then go to confession and get absolution from their priest. Christians did that.

The only Atheists who killed Jews were in the Soviet Union and your Christian buddies don’t like to talk about that, Ben Stein. Do you know why they don’t like to talk about the time Atheists tried to kill millions of Jews? Because it damages their case that Jews are responsible for Communism. Because they’d much rather listen to the hatefilled squealings of Solzhenitsyn, a  KGB stoolie and pathological liar, who reinvented himself as Russia’s Anti-Semitic conscience.

Ben Stein’s Expelled is a lie when it tries to sell the idea that Darwinism led to Auschwitz. Darwinism was just another attempt to write God out of the picture. And as wrong as that is, it isn’t the people who worship nothing that we should be afraid of, but the ones who worship idols and demons, who bow their asses to Mecca, to Charles Manson, to the Cult of Personality of leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, to “infallible” Popes like Pope Pius IX who spread Anti-Semitism across Europe in Catholic paper after Catholic paper that charged the Jews with everything wrong in the world preparing the ground for the Holocaust.

I am not a fan of Darwinism but I’m no fan of lies either and Ben Stein’s Expelled is a lie. Go dig up Nixon, you four eyed bastard and see if he’ll take you back.

5 thoughts on “Ben Stein’s Expelled : Darwinism does Not lead to Auschwitz! Anti-Semitism leads to Auschwitz!

  1. Agree on the main lines. Ignoring, however, the role of Racial theory/social Darwininsm in Nazi and Communist ideology is almost as dishonest as ignoring the role of Christianity.

    BTW, what’s your problem with Nixon? He was the SOLE person in his administration who didn’t want to sell Israel down the river and supplied them with M-16s and parts for planes and tanks. Yes, he was convicted of erasing 18 minutes of a tape… big deal. Clinton who gave M-16s to the Arab terrorists, raped women, orchestrated the extermination of children “because the belonged to a kooky sect” and murdered 2500 innocent Serbs was convicted of perjury.

    BTW, where did you take that Solzhenitsyn was an anti-Semite? I don’t remeber anything antisemitic from the Gulag Archipelago. In fact he blames the entire Russian nation, if memory serves.

  2. samuraimohel says:

    Social Darwinism in practice was nothing more than the same old belief that some people are superior than others. It didn’t add anything new as far as the Jews were concerned.

    What’s my problem with Nixon? Are you nuts. Nixon just about destroyed Israel .The Nixon administration prevented Israel from a first strike and was on record as wanting Israel to take a beating in order to make peace.

    Solzhenitsyn had anti-semitic stereotypes in his books including Gulag Archipelago and a long history of anti-semitic statements which he topped in his book Two Hundred Years together which has such gems as claiming that Jews were responsible for the Pogroms.

  3. Hank Fox says:

    “Darwinism was just another attempt to write God out of the picture.”


    You and Ben Stein are on the exact same wavelength: Science = Evil.

    You only differ in how the Jewish people should be used in making the point.

  4. samuraimohel says:

    Shut up whore

    Where did I say science was evil?

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