Who is Edwin Beckford, Arad Messianic Jewish Cult Leader

The violent attacks by Eddie Beckford, a Messianic Jewish cult leader have been getting a lot of attention lately in the Israeli media as videos showing him attempting to run down a Jewish man and violently attacking him with his fists.

While Eddie Beckford, his wife Lura Beckford, aka Lura Maiman (her husband’s last name, not her own) have been conducting a hateful campaign against Jews in Arad and throughout Israel. YouTube accounts show a multipart video titled “This is Why People Hate Jews”. Many of these videos blatantly involve scenes staged by Beckford’s own followers in order to solicit sympathy and money as they perform for the camera.

Messianic cults like Eddie Beckford’s call themselves Messianic Jews but they are typically not Jewish. They use deceit and any means they can to suck someone into their group. The Branch Davidians at Waco were the most famous example of a Messianic cult.

Eddie Beckford himself grew up as a black Catholic in Harlem, based on his own biography.

As a kid, I grew up in NYC; I was born Catholic, and my mother made me attend mass each Sunday. In those days, mass was performed in Latin, and the service was strictly orthodox. I was later permitted to join the East Harlem Protestant Parish on E.104th Street. The Parish was youth oriented.

There goes the whole Edwin Beckford Messianic Jew scam right there. Edwin Beckford is not Jewish and never was. He’s a black Catholic. His wife Lura Beckford was previously married to a man who may have been Jewish.

But it gets much worse. Edwin Beckford’s group in Israel and the name of his site is Kings Men Arad at kingsmenarad.com. Some people might think that Kings Men has a religious meaning. The truth however is quite different.

Let’s take another look at Eddie Beckford’s biography.

Man, I came across this website while, just for the heck of it, keying in ‘the East River Projects’. Wow! Man, I was reading all the entries and was getting overwhelmed. Man, I made it through two whole pages and just had to stop and put in my 2 cents.

Dig it, I was born in Metropolitan Hosp. in 1947, went to P.S. 168 (2nd grade teach Ms. ‘D’, 3rd grade Ms. Wolf), went to Otis Jr. High ( / Ben Franklin), moved to the Island (Roosevelt High), and did a stretch in Nam.My older brother graduated from Ben Frank and Food Trade (where he got his nickname ‘Cook’), my younger sister P.S. 99 (nickname Ting Ting). We lived in the E. River Projects (400 E. 103rd St. [1st Ave.]).
Fond memories: Use to walk to school (103rd to 116th) along the E. River Dive (Pleasant Ave.) to avoid confrontations with the Red Wings (an Italian gang that hanged around 115th and 1st). Other gangs during the day were the Viceroys, Vikings, Chancellors, Baldies, and the King’s Men (my brother belonged to).

And that’s the real origin of King’s Men Arad. The King’s Men were a brutal and violent gang responsible for numerous crimes and murders. Eddie Beckford, true to his roots, came to Israel and named his center after his brother’s gang. For all we know he was a member too. And in Israel he used his Kings Men Arad to act just like the original Kings Men did.

Eddie Beckford’s Arad Messianic cult may call itself Israeli and Jewish, but it’s neither. And Edwin Beckford tries to call himself an Israeli while stating that he won’t celebrate Israeli Independence Day, that Zionism is evil, that Orthodox Jews are with the Anti-Christ. So why is he in Israel? To recruit members for his cult of course. Even while despising and hating the country he lives in and the people he lives among.

Using his Messianic Hebrew Christian Fellowship (MHCF) forum Edwin Beckford writes blatant lies about Jews and Israel and issues constant solicitations for money. With articles like “Holocaust – Just Another Excuse?”,

Some say “Yes! I’m for Israel being a democracy” but they fail to tell you “A democracy for Jews only” which brings you back to a sugar-coated Jewish State.

Except that Edwin Beckford lives in Israel and is free to run his cult and websites out of there. Arabs sit in the Knesset and vote in elections. So do Russian Non-Jews, Armenians, etc

Who’s A Jew? And then you have the issue of ‘Who’s A Jew? ‘. This is determined by the Rabbinical (Sanhedrin) Court of ultra-Orthodox (Pharisees).

Here’s a hint for Eddie Beckford. A Catholic from Harlem who went to run his own cult is not a Jew. Just as I’m not a Catholic.

In essence, the Jewish National Fund appears to be procuring land for the ultra-Orthodox Jews (Pharisees) only!

What a load of crap. Most JNF land is not used by Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Most Ultra-Orthodox Jews actually live inside major cities. And even Messianics have been able to set up a theme park on JNF land. Eddie Beckford’s lies know no shame.

I doubt if Jews from Ethiopia, Russia, Argentina, Morocco, etc. are included in this land deal.

That would be news to the more than a million and a half Russian and Middle Eastern and South American Jews who live all across Israel.

To break it down Edwin Beckford aka Eddie Beckford and Lura Beckford aka Lura Maimon are running an Anti-Jewish cult that calls itself Messianic Jewish and lashing out violently at Jews. They spread lies and hate toward Israel and Jews.


17 thoughts on “Who is Edwin Beckford, Arad Messianic Jewish Cult Leader

  1. Mike says:

    This is what happens when you let the garbage into Israel

  2. Bar Kochba says:

    It is time to drive the idolaters out of the land.

    Great blog here. i’m so glad that I’ve found it. I’ve actually just created a blog designed to fighting the spiritual genocie against the Jewish people, moshiach-truth.blogspot.com. But my primary one is at masada1234.blogspot.com. Blogroll?

  3. Bar Kochba says:

    Sorry to bug you again but would you mind adding The Truth About Moshiach to your blogroll as well? You’re on both my sites. Sorry to be annoying. 😉

  4. Smooth says:

    Excellent site. Kick them where it hurts.

  5. bee says:

    Why did you remove the link to the blog you ranted re: Cindy Gluck?

  6. Amamda says:

    Would you add me to your blog roll? My site is all about cookies and tea parties in the south Bronx 🙂 I would be pleased if you did.
    Amanda Ann Sweeter

  7. Polémique says:

    I can’t believe that Israel is so corrupt as to let those kind of people into the country. Look at him: Goes into a SHUL and beats up a Hasid, that Hatihat Efes. Eddie Beckford is a standard example of who shouldn’t be allowed in Israel; like we don’t get enough trouble from the fanatic Arabs all around us – now we need to deal with ghetto trash from the US.

  8. Rabbi Yossef (Christian Preacher, Fake Jew) says:

    Only by returning to Moshiach will we as a people be free from the hatred of the Orthonazis who have turned our people away from haShem and his Torah with their Midrash of hatred and antisemitism. Yeshua came to set us free of the filth of Akiva, Rashi, and Rambam and opened the door for Yid and Goy alike to find the joy of Torah free of the poison of the P’rushim.
    As we enter into Simchat Torah let us turn our eyes and hearts to the true joy of Moshiach Y’shua who died as the perfect sacrifice for iniquity.

  9. samuraimohel says:

    “Rebbe Yosef”, beat it you pathetic Jew hating impostor. You are not Jewish but you are a liar and an idiot.

    But speaking of going into “Simchat Torah”. Please do let me know which Non-Perushi sources you derive the name Simchat Torah from.

  10. Miriam from Magdala says:

    Rabbi Yosef, You say that Jesus hated Perushim? Then why did he eat at their homes constantly and why did they keep inviting him over? Where they both masochists?

    You say that people should *return* to moshiach. Yet you seem never to have found one for yourself in that the bitterness you are showing is hardly what someone who had found their messiah would wish to show to others.

    I would think that having found a messiah who would open up things never before found or done on earth that one would have a whole new attitude inside and outside. I suspect that when moshiach comes there will be people whose hearts will be bursting with joy and gladness so much so that there is no room for hate.

    I think that if you consider yourself a disciple of your messiah, it would be far better to show compassion, love, kindliness and patience to others rather than the back of your hand

    If you look at your attitude, that alone turns people off ‘your’ messiah.
    Callng people epithets , no matter what you feel they might call you, is not the right way to go Yosef. I think you need to reconsider your ways and turn yourself around quite a bit.

    I have never seen these midrashim of hatred that you speak of. Are you sure you are looking in the right place? I suggest you might be finding them in the writings of Martin Luther etc?

    I believe that you need to take a deep breath and rethink your life a bit.

    Miriam from Magdala
    Certainly they are not found in Rambam nor Akiva nor Rashi.

  11. RavYossef (Christian Preacher) says:

    how shameful it is when Jews who have been persecuted for their faith for thousands of years practice persecution and hate upon the beckfords and other Believers in Moshiach Yeshua in the Land haShem has provided for alll Jews even those who reject the tyranny of the Hassidic cults and their lies to keep Avrahams seed from finding the Moshiach of promise. When the Jews of Arad became NAZIs all od Jewry was ruined. The Most High bless the Beckfords and drive the Gur Hassidim animals back to poland.

  12. samuraimohel says:

    How shameful it is that Jew hating trash like you and the Beckfords insist on extending your persecution of Jews down into Israel itself. Apparently thousands of years of slaughter and oppression aren’t enough for you. Now you need to dress up your Christian religion as Jewish, beat and abuse Jews in our own country, while promoting your pagan idol worship– and then whine when one of your thugs like Beckford gets arrested for it.

    Even while you call on a God you don’t even believe in.

    May the Most High drive your kind and the Beckfords and all your Nazi kind to some place where you’ll never have to see the Jewish people you hate so much, and we’ll never have to see you again.

  13. Neveilah says:

    how shameful it is when Non Jews, knowing full well Jews have been persecuted and still are try to jam religion down their throats ad nauseum even to the point of pretending to be Jewish to do so.
    How sad and awful that the saying by Jesus.. do unto others what you would have others do to you ” is spit on by Christians.

    Christians themselves dislike J’s witnesses from coming to their door, or Mormons or any of the missionary types who go to their door. They dislike it a lot and make fun of those who do it.
    Yet these same hypocritical snakes push onto Jewish homes, synagogues, neighborhoods and yes even websites pretending to be Jews so they can gain converts.

  14. David says:

    Down right evil…

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