Victor Kalisher: Being the Son of a Holocaust Survivor Doesn’t Mean Squat

I get mad every time I see someone being described as the son of Holocaust survivors. Being a Holocaust survivor might be something to mention IF IT’S RELEVANT.

Being the son of Holocaust survivors isn’t. Being the son of Holocaust survivors doesn’t mean squat. I’m the son of Holocaust survivors. So are half the Jews in America, Israel and Europe.

And when I see some Anti-semitic scumbag who happens to have a few drops of Jewish blood in him described that way to whitewash him… then I get really mad.

Some of the New Testaments burned in Or Yehuda were published by the Bible Society in Israel, part of a worldwide organization of 140 Bible societies that publishes in some 200 countries.

The society’s director in Israel, Victor Kalisher, the son of Holocaust survivors, spoke to the Post about his shock and dismay at the burnings. “As Jews we were raised and taught that were books are burned, worse things can happen. That’s what I think when I see the pictures of what happened in Or Yehuda. What worries me is that nobody has stood up against this. It seems there is a war against messianic Jews in Israel. Nobody cares about many, what I believe to be cults, in Israel. These cults, which are not based on the Bible, don’t pose a threat to the establishment. But God forbid a Jew learns about the messiah from the [Christian] Bible,” Kalisher said.

Yes Victor exactly. God Forbid. Because God does forbid the worship of idols.

Victor Kalisher is as Jewish as Torquemada and just as devious and his claim to be a son of Holocaust survivors (which the Fundie whoring Jerusalem Post makes for him) means rabbi jack diddly squat.

Norman Finkelstein constantly gets described as the Son of a Holocaust survivor. Never mind that he’s built his career on mocking the Holocaust and supports Hizbullah.

Peter Singer of PETA gets called the son of a Holocaust survivor even though he’s on record as favoring eugenics of the old and the sick.

It is beyond disgusting that modern day Nazis like Norman Finkelstein, Peter Singer or Victor Kalisher are whitewashed with the meaningless SON OF HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS brand. Being the Son of Holocaust Survivors does not enable or entitle you to get a blank check when you try to perpetuate the work of the Nazis.

Now back to Victor Kalisher and Or Yehuda. The Bible Society was a missionary organization created directly to target Jews. One of its high points came in Holland when its members demanded that arriving hungry Jews from Russia accept New Testaments if they wanted food back in the good old 20th.

The only war in Israel involving Missionary Christians or Messianic Jews is the one they’re fighting against Jews on a daily basis. And Or Yehuda is just one of those cases where the Jews have had enough.

The missionaries posing as Messianic Jews are a cult, they are not based on the Bible which says THOU SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME… and they’re given a blank check by the establishment because they’re backed by Baptist churches in the US which Israel’s idiot government seriously believes will protect them against Iran, when it’s their messiah George W. Bush himself who’s squeezing the last drops of life out of Israel.

8 thoughts on “Victor Kalisher: Being the Son of a Holocaust Survivor Doesn’t Mean Squat

  1. Bar Kochba says:

    Its time to cut all ties from Christian Evangelical leaders. They are an erev rav which brings nothing but idolatry. Sorry, but no thanks.

  2. Keliata says:

    I’m glad someone finally had the nerve to say it. These evangelicals/messianic J4J types abuse the horrors of their parents and grandparents to steal souls away from G-d.
    Bar is right. Time to cut the ties to evangelical groups. Israel can get along just fine if Jews unite.

    (I hope this is posted, my other one wasn’t.)

  3. Keliata says:

    Sadly, having a parent or other relative that was in the holocaust is a trump card for messianics. They hold that up and it’s instant credibility. But it’s not only messianics doing it. In buffalo a city councilman wrote an obituary for his father about how he lived through Hitler’s regime in Poland. It made him sound as though he lived through the holocaust.

    Hardly. He lived in a village and never set fit in a death camp, wasn’t jewish, and his councilman son is an anti-Semitic catholic.

  4. I was a missionary in Israel once, but only once and then I gave it up for Lent and went back to being Jewish.
    It was a very turbulent time in my life . I managed to convert 2000 people but then I had to backtrack and undo it all, which I did .

  5. Subordinate says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Subordinate

  6. Dan says:

    I think you are being a little bit ignorant about the real issue here. I agree that it doesn’t mean anything to be the son of a holocaust survivor and certainly think legitimate criticism should go to anyone who introduces Norman Finkelstein, the holocaust denier, as such. However Victor loves his country and just happens to have a different religion. Israel was not created as a state where religious intolerance should flourish. Burning books is despicable. If you want to live in a place where books are censored, move to an Arab country. See how well it is working for them.

  7. samuraimohel says:

    Victor Kalisher does not love his country, unless you mean the American Bible Belt where his backers live.

    Victor Kalisher is a Christian missionary whose career is based on conning Jews by claiming to be both Jewish and Christian.

    “If you want to live in a place where books are censored, move to an Arab country. See how well it is working for them.”

    Or Tennessee, so Victor Kalisher’s bosses can torch some Harry Potter novels and a few Wiccan necklaces and peace signs.

    Hypocrisy, it’s available year round.

  8. itzik says:

    Victor Kalisher is a poor confused guy – who found a way to bring better salaries home by getting the money from goim.THIS IS PART OF HIS “SURVIVOR” ATTITUDE.
    The problem – the missionary work done to confuse other jews.
    One day Victor – one day you will retun home.

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