IDF Soldier Killed Trying to Assassinate Olmert

Update: Latest news says he was actually a Druze border guard. Family is denying the idea that he committed suicide.

Accompanied by the lamest cover up story to date.

An IDF soldier was reportedly killed Tuesday in the middle of a farewell ceremony at Ben-Gurion airport held in honor of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in attendance of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres and other state dignitaries, Israel Radio reported.

Police spokesman Shlomi Sagi said the policeman was killed in an apparent suicide, and police denied an attempted assassination attempt on Sarkozy.

However, a conflicting report said the soldier apparently fell from a vantage point he was occupying on a high building, from where he was securing the event, and the bullet that killed him misfired from his gun.

According to Israel Radio, the incident happened no more than 200 meters from where Olmert was standing.

Uh huh. So the soldier decided to commit suicide on duty while standing on a high vantage point with his own rifle! And then fell off a building. Yeah right.

Here’s a more plausible scenario. The soldier took aim at Olmert to end his corrupt charade. He was spotted by security that was doing sweeps of the airport taking aim at Olmert and was shot by a sniper. He fell off and was killed.

I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before. But they’re aiming at the wrong guy. Take out the Shas leaders and Olmert wouldn’t be in power for a day.

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