Why are the Anti-Frummie Critics Such Frakking Lunatics

It looked good on paper. The Frum world had no ability to monitor or reality check itself. The papers were beholden to the advertisers. So bloggers from the frum world would come forward, expose miscreants, blow the whistle and enforce some honesty for once.

Unfortunately the ones who came forward were Frakking lunatics. Which probably should have been expected.

The bloggers, call them the Anti-Frummies like UOJ or Shmarya are just as stupid, ignorant, bigoted and illiterate as any of the commenters at YeshivaWorld. The only difference between a UOJ and Shmarya and Ba’Habos from Flatbush at YeshivaWorld is that the former hate the latter.

The Anti-Frummie bloggers represent the worst traits of the frum world, the narrow-mindedness, the knee jerk response, the stupidity and rampant xenophobia, except directed at the frum world. Yet unfortunately thanks to some combination of social networking and media attention, they’re what passes for blogger criticism of the frum world. Which means the frum world doesn’t have a damn thing to worry about.

Let’s take the “nice” lady who ran the Awareness Center and embarrassed everyone associated with it and everyone who genuinely cared about righting some wrongs in the frum world. The nice lady, who as it turns out had gone on Oprah and told Barack’s “aunt” that Jews worshiped Satan and drank blood. Her methodology mainly involved archiving newspaper articles about abuse cases, possible abuses cases or anything, with no filter over whether it actually happened or didn’t.

Let’s take UOJ who types like a Ritalin addicted monkey with a cattle prod up his ass. Or to say it the way he does, “UOJ WHO Types (they’re frum fakkers not gonna stop me) LIKE A CATTLE proud up the ass of compacency!!!!”. UOJ is every idiot YeshivaWorld commenter given his own blog and devoid of a single English course. It’s like reading vomit in Times New Roman font.

Top that off with a hefty dose of grandiosity as UOJ is obsessed with his own greatness and his ability to change the world and you have a monkey who needs less ritalin and more anger management.

Then there’s Shmarya of Failed Messiah who manages to camouflage the rage well enough to maintain a credible looking blog, until you realize that he’s the equivalent of that kook who writes letters to the paper who really hates the Russians. It doesn’t matter what the story is, the Russians are to blame. For Shmarya the Russians are Orthodox Jews, or most of them anyway and Failed Messiah is a one note fixation on the object of his bigotry that only differs from a Neo-Nazi blog in that Shmarya is possibly Jewish.

So that’s what we get. The Jblogger reality check consists of people you wouldn’t let scrub your floors without a night watchman. The Frum world needs its critics, but it needs people who are a notch above YeshivaWorld commenters, who have more to offer than rabid hatred and mental problems.

15 thoughts on “Why are the Anti-Frummie Critics Such Frakking Lunatics

  1. Passing Commenter says:

    Excellant observation. You hit it on the head directly.
    You are exposing a lot of things we all see but lack the words to say adequately ourselves. Yasher koach

  2. Ho-Humm…
    First off, the worst of ’em all is the anonymous terrorist symathizer calling himself Dov Bear (whom I un-affectionately call Dog Smear or Sieg Bear).

    It’s true that UOJ often mixes lies and gross exaggerations, but the bottom line is he blew the whistle on the child molestation coverup – of course, bringing the issue to the fore is far from having solved it, and it provided fodder and more excuses to the haredi-haters. All this, however, do not justify Avi Shakran and his ilk who candy coat everythinig and claim nothing ever happened and if yes, heck, they were “fake haredim”. Gimme a break.

    As for Shmukya ben Alfred Rosenberg, he used to be a black panther in the 60’es. He then allegedly did ‘thsuva’ through habad, became disillusioned and left Judaism for good. I suspect he never really did thsuva and from day 1 just wanted to infiltrate the haredi/frum world(s) to have ‘insider’ knowledge about what’s “really” going on.
    He in fact protects Whacky Fallin, claiming that we can’t disprove her claims (i.e. that rabbis drink blood and that six rabbis raped her on an open sefer Torah – she allegedly said it on Oprah show). He also completely exonerates Rudolf Kasztner, and to this end goes as far as to nearly exonerate Rommel, Himmler and Becher. They guy really needs prozac and be locked in a rubber room with a straight jacket on.

    Thu said, there is a very big ‘don’t rock the boat, don’t make a big fuss about it’ in the frum world, especially by haredim, and many things are out of control, while the leadership apathetically watches the morass we sink in. They simply refuse to see that Berlin 1933 can easily repeat itself here – the current situation is a gfood warning sign, not all that far on the horizon anymore.

  3. samuraimohel says:

    Oh please UOJ is full of himself and has a cult of personality of his own going. He didn’t blow the whistle on anything. He just spent a lot of time yelling about it online and bringing it to a new audience. Which isn’t the same thing.

  4. Chaim says:

    What am I? Chopped Liver? 🙂

  5. “Oh please UOJ is full of himself and has a cult of personality of his own going.” I don’t deny it for one second.

    “Which isn’t the same thing.” but pretty close. Only those who were familiar with specific cases knew. So in he did help the situation a bit. If not for him Kolko would still be in TT.

  6. samuraimohel says:

    One Brooklyn Bridge for sale. Comes with its own graffiti attached.

  7. samuraimohel says:

    What do you want to be? Mayonnaise?

  8. “One Brooklyn Bridge for sale. Comes with its own graffiti attached.” Can I put a toll booth on it?

    Though I guess Sherlock Mohelms did far more to expose/reduce child molestation & coverup in the frum world.

  9. samuraimohel says:

    the child molestation hysteria is a tedious leftover from the 80’s. Anyone buying into UOJ’s self-righteous posturing is a moron. Ditto for anyone who thinks a shrill blog impacted a Yeshiva and community that pretends the internet doesn’t exist.

  10. “the child molestation hysteria is a tedious leftover from the 80’s.” Yes, in large part. However, as the saying goes, “the fact I’m a paranoid doesn’t mean there’s no one after me”.

    That shrill blog with its shrill screamers got phone calls to the DA, and articles in several papers, including the New York magazine. At a certain point you can pretend the internet/goyischa magazines/law doesn’t exist, when they grab your cojones in their hands you must do something.

    Of course, you can stick your head up your ass as deep as you please, abi gezunt, but UOJ’s self-righteousness, lies, fabrication and cult leading can’t deny the fact that he did indeed make a crack in the establishment’s approach to molestation.

  11. samuraimohel says:

    The shrill blog takes credit for a lot of things it had nothing to do with. I can’t wait till UOJ takes credit for inventing the internet.



  12. Joe Izrael says:

    I don’t see what’s your big problem admitting that assholes can do good things sometimes. But then again, seems like you refuse to look at yourself too.

  13. samuraimohel says:

    Are we still talking about this crap?

    How’s the bridge purchase coming along?

  14. Jacob da Jew says:

    I agree with you re:UOJ, the dude can’t write for shit.

  15. samuraimohel says:

    If he would just learn to use the CAPS key and promote himself as the savior of all the children of the world only 10 times in each post, maybe

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