Guest Post
When President Bush goes to Arab nations he dresses in their garb which consists of shapeless Hausfrau dresses and effeminate head dresses for both men and woman.  Even his wife plops a shapeless shmatta (rag) on top of her head for the “Hausfrau Dowdy -just how ugly can I make myself appear” look.
When Árabs come to this country they still wear their own garb. I say this is patently unfair and a sign that they consider the rest of humanity to be Dhimmis.Therefore their women must wear Daisy Dukes and halter tops. No head coverings on women should be allowed in the United States for any reason.
The men must wear typical American clothing or face time in the stocks and pelting with rotten fruit and tomatoes and assorted animal dung. If they are from Africa they must wear baggy pants, do rags and untied sneakers to distinguish that they are indeed in solidarity with their black brethren in da Ghet-Toes
If they are Á-Rab they must dress in Zoot suits in shiny sharkskin and wear tons of guido jewelry around their necks in solidarity with their semi-sort of- almost but not quite Americanized cousins. If they are chinese I think a long braid down the back and buck teeth and thick glasses will suffice as a sort of homage to American sensibilities.

One thought on “Dress

  1. marty says:

    Nice satrie. Well done!

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