WTF? Agriprocessors hiring Muslims to package Meat?

Agriprocessors dumped Hispanics and now apparently hired Somali Muslims to work in the plant.

Great plan guys, couldn’t you just hire serial killers or maybe teenagers with constantly running saliva glands. No thanks, just no thanks.

About 150 Somalis, refugees who live and work legally in this country, have arrived to work at Agriprocessors since the raid. At first, most were single men, but a growing number of women are starting to join them. In the evenings, the long, lanky men in loose fitting clothes and women, swathed in traditional Muslim dresses and hijabs, can often be seen walking from the meatpacking plant to downtown.

There, inside the former “Sunday Mattress” store, where the windows still tout Fulls, Queens, and Kings, Hassan Aar described the pull of work that lured him from Minneapolis to Postville.

Yeah no. Putting people from a religion who hate our guts and whose country was recently being run by Al Queda is not the people I trust to handle the food I eat. Especially when we’re talking about people who move around a lot and who probably couldn’t even be tracked down if something happened.

This isn’t a lame ass boycott, but there’s no way in hell I’m buying meat that was under Muslim control. That’s just frakking stupid and I’m not a stupid person. I’m not crazy about illegal Mexicans, but I’ll take them or trained giraffes any day over people whose religious ideal is killing Jews.

Add this one to Yayin Nesech. Call it Basar Sonim. Or just common sense. Hiring Muslims to work in a Kosher plant makes as much sense as hiring Neo-Nazis to work in a Kosher plant. “Sure come on in Bruno and Fritz, the Kosher meat is over there. Have a blast.”

For anyone still willing to eat Agriprocessors after this, enjoy all the Muslim saliva, mucus, ass and maybe sooner or later something deadlier. But hey, it’s “cheaper”.

For me no more Agriprocessors as long as they’re using Muslims.

8 thoughts on “WTF? Agriprocessors hiring Muslims to package Meat?

  1. Bilo says:

    Hey you ask why Muslim people…? I will tell you plain and simply why, BECAUSE THEY ARRIVED IN POSTVILLE READY TO WORK. there are other people that work in Agri and they work there for the same reason. If you want to change all that why dont you send 150 ‘Clean’ people so they can fill in the void that is being fulfilled by the Somalian folks

  2. samuraimohel says:

    There’s plenty of people who want to work for a living. Unemployment is rising.

    Hiring members whose belief system tells them that on the day of reckoning every rock will shout, “Here is a Jew, Come and Kill Him” is irresponsible and insane in a Kosher meat plant

    everyone can do what they like, but I’m not eating that

  3. Jeff says:

    You’re post just isn’t complete without a picture of these people …

    Is that E.T. on the far right?

  4. frumpunk says:

    That’s just ignorant. Thinking every Muslim hates Jews and wants to kill us? You’ve obviously never known any Muslims. As for Somali Muslims? I’ve known one, he’s a great guy. I’m sure they’re happy to be employed.

    You obviously also have no idea how many Muslims buy kosher. They will eat it as they know there will be no pork, and Halal is very close to Kosher in terms of rules.

  5. samuraimohel says:

    some Muzzies buy Kosher but they’re just being cheap, Hallal and Kosher are not interchangeable either way according to our law or theirs

    yes not all Muslims want to kill Jews, not all Germans in Germany wanted to kill Jews in WW2 but it was a really bad time to trust a German if you happened to be a Jew

    ditto today

  6. Frum Punk says:

    It is according to their law, as told to me by Muslims. I had to explain to one guy that its not the same for us when he invited me to his house for dinner. (A college friend.)

    In fact, in England many kosher products (ready made sandwiches for instance) also carry a halal “hechsher”. The Imams will readily put their own hechsher on something already certified kosher.

  7. samuraimohel says:

    It’s not. Halal has a religious component that Kosher can’t meet. Shechita is by contrast more stringent than Halal.

    Some Kosher meat and chicken companies have made agreements with Imams to certify their products, but it’s a temp thing. The more “moderate” Imams who certify them wind up getting attacked for allowing Jews to sell meat and chicken to Muslims and use the money to fund “Israel” and the company winds up selling to the Muslims.

    It’s already happened several times.

  8. Phil says:

    Just as crazy as every Israeli restaurant, hotel and yeshiva having arabs working in their kitchens. Some of us are dumber than we look.

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