A Very Important Message from an Autistic Young Man!

Dear People,

I have a very important messafge for you. It does not come from Shamayim and it doesn’t concern the future. It concerns me and how you people are acting.

Just because I am autistic does not mean I have magic powers or that I’m on a “higher level spiritually” than you are, whatever that means. I realize that having an autistic child is a challenge, but I am not a Nisayon, I am a human being. And taking care of a child with developmental disabilities like taking care of a child missing major limbs may be a challenge, but it does not give you license to turn me into your personal Ouja board.

Being disabled does not make me a Navi. There are no Neviim anymore. It doesn’t allow me to transcend space and time. I am not capable of predicting the future. I am sure it would be easier for you to deal with the strain and difficulty of raising an autistic child if you could pretend otherwise. I am sure it would also improve sibling Shidduch prospects to be brother and sister to a junior Navi instead of just someone who looks and acts weird at Simchas. But living your life with integrity means you don’t get such an easy way out.

Voodoo and witch doctoring got its start when primitive peoples assumed that crazy people had a direct line to the spirit world because they acted wierd. We’re supposed to be better than that, aren’t we?

I know we’re living in a difficult time now and everyone wants reassurance, but if you’re going to turn autistic children into fake Neviim, why not just go whole hog and put up a Baal statue in your backyard? It’s a technical difference at best.

P.S. I really can’t predict the future.



(For anyone who doesn’t get it, this is a reference to the idiotic MESSAGES FROM AUTISTIC CHILDREN being spread around the internet by people who really should know better. No my name is not Yechiel and I am not autistic.)

5 thoughts on “A Very Important Message from an Autistic Young Man!

  1. Very funny. People would like to believe a lot of things that are not true, just because it feels good to believe them.

  2. Yitzi Fungool says:

    My brother is autistic and retarded Hecan see prophecy from heaven and Ihe see malachim around too. I see dead people .
    He can tell future of the world with his mind because it is not filled up with other things.
    You mock this but he is a navi and thats because he can see the things of the outter limits that you cant see.
    He makes poems about the doom of the world.
    He makes prophecy everyday too.
    One time he said that there would be a yom kippur war and there was long ago
    how do you explain this?
    : He even knew the name of Adam
    his real name that is
    not the one in the book.
    Sincerely, YItzi Fungool

  3. Marjorie Levinson says:

    “My family had an autistic kid but he passed on from being killed in a gang drug war
    so we stuffed him at the taxidermist
    and had him bronzed
    now we worship him as a prophet of prophecy and doom

  4. Next thing, you’ll be telling us that people will be receiving messages by randomly sticking bookmarks in books composed of a dead person’s miscellaneous correspondence.

  5. LARS says:


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