The Chumra Crusades Ride On

Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv Shlita had some very harsh words today. What did he have harsh words for? Is it the plan of the Israeli government to hand over Yerushalayim? The violent clashes between frum Jews in Yerushalayim? The grave unemployment problem in the frum sector? The oppression of one Jew by another?

No. Sheitels.

Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv Shlita had some very harsh words regarding today’s sheitels, stating the women who wear them today are as if they go outdoor bareheaded.

Yes which is well terrible. Because bareheaded women are horrible. I mean what’s more terrible than that except maybe that pagans worship idols on the Har Habayit. But that doesn’t matter. Besides it’s probably the fault of those bareheaded women. If only they wore the right kind of sheitel Moshiach would already be ehre.

The Rav is quoted as saying there are permitted sheitels and those that are asur, but today’s are strictly forbidden. He called “today’s” sheitels “erva”, stating they are absolutely forbidden.

How can a sheitel be erva? How can something that’s not part of a human body even be erva? But the way the Chumra crusade goes, you get to extend meanings to just about anything.

A participant in the shiur asked Rav Elyashiv how they wore human hair wigs in the time of the Gemara, to which he responded the wigs of those days were different, with the best at that time being comparable perhaps to today’s worst, adding today’s human hair wigs represent “erva” and are absolutely forbidden

Naturally. Of course he hasn’t actually seen the wigs in the time of the Gemara and somehow I imagine that a culture which engaged in handmade craftsmanship on a daily basis could produce much better wigs than we could. Also the Gemara mentions that a woman can go out with a basket on her head and have her head uncovered in her own chatzer, but probably their baskets and chatzerim were different. Don’t ask how.

Now you know why most of the posts on here are tagged as stupidity and frankly I’m tired of the stupidity. We deserve better than this. The Torah deserves better than this. Hashem deserves better than this.

Even the ugly controversies in the past, the Maimodean controversy, Rav Emden vs Rav Eybeschutz were about something. Today it’s about chumras. It’s about bullying the public into adopting new and more strigent chumras in order to make them more frum. And why are they becoming more frum, so they can adopt more chumras.

When there’s outrage today from Rabbanim, so very rarely is it about what the Neviim were outraged about. How many Rabbanim have harsh words for fraud or for those who oppress the worker and the widow and the orphan? No they have harsh words for women who dress slightly more modern than they’re happy with and Bachruim who go on hikes. Because we’re so holy that we can look away from all the real averiot ben adam le’chavero among us just so we fight the constant menace of bachurim being distracted from learning and being distracted by women.

What a waste. What a criminal waste.