Stupid Commentary Tricks: ” Why Jews Hate Palin “

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary wrote up a BS article which is sure to get a lot of play on some right wing blogs “explaining” why “Jews hate Palin”. Her premise is that Jews are aberrant in disliking Palin. All that Jennifer Rubin really does is argue that liberal Jews hate Palin, but she works hard to hide that.

There is no group so firmly in the latter camp as American Jews. And there is much to learn in their reaction to Palin, both about her and about the sociological makeup of American Jewry today.

From the inflammatory title, Why Jews Hate Palin, to her premise, Rubin tries to claim that Jews are extraordinary haters of Palin. But is that actually true?

In a September 2008 poll by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Jews disapproved of Palin as the pick for McCain’s vice-presidential running mate by a 54 to 37 percent margin.

That’s a weak argument, especially when a Newsweek poll a few weeks later found that 55 percent of Americans thought she was unqualified.

Ask an average American Jew about Palin and you are likely to get a nonverbal response—a shiver, a shudder, a roll of the eyes, or a guffaw. Naomi Wolf, the feminist writer

WTF? Naomi Wolf, radical pro-Hamas lefty, is Jennifer Rubin’s idea of an “average American Jew”? I repeat WTF? Naomi Wolf who wants to boycott Israel. Naomi Wolf who claimed that Bush was the second coming of Hitler? Al Gore’s wardrobe adviser Naomi Wolf? Once again WTF?

Calling Naomi Wolf an average American Jew is like calling Michael Moore an average American. But just wait… who’s Jennifer Rubin’s next “average American Jew”?

Prominent Jews like Reagan-era arms-control official Kenneth Adelman, who expressed great admiration for McCain, proclaimed that the selection of Palin was beyond reason:

From Jennifer Rubin’s neat little summary there, you would assume that Adelman was a Jewish McCain supporter who didn’t like Palin. WRONG. Kenneth Adelman was an Obama supporter. He’s a Huffington Post blogger. He voted for Obama, not McCain.

Kenneth Adelman may still not be unrepresentative, but disguising his actual politics this way is dishonest. All Jennifer Rubin had to do was at least insert the phrase “but chose to support Obama” into that sentence.

But there’s nothing short of brain surgery that could fix her attempt to present Naomi Wolf as representative of American Jews. Let alone that Naomi Wolf was expressing a Jewish viewpoint, rather than a radical left wing feminist one.

This article is a lot of horse dung. I haven’t read through the whole article just the abstract, but the abstract alone is bad enough. David Frum has more, though I don’t agree with most of what he has to say. But I agree that all Jennifer Rubin did was show that liberals and a lot of Americans in general have issues with Sarah Palin.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Commentary Tricks: ” Why Jews Hate Palin “

  1. Naomi Wolf is in favor of boycotting Israel? I think you might be confusing her with Naomi Klein. At the very least, this doesn’t read like the words of a boycotter.

  2. I might or might not disagree with Ms. Wolf’s positions on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (I’d have to more carefully examine her views), but even to the extent I might disagree, I think the BDS movement is such a unique brand of despicable that it’s really important to distinguish them from mainline critics of particular Israeli policies.

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