Gawker Media Keeps Blowing that Racist Dog Whistle on Harold Ford

Gawker writers are of course really big on condemning racism… except when they’re being hugely racist themselves. Case in point, Gawker writers constantly associating potential Gillibrand Senate challenger Harold Ford with the color yellow. Today that meant a post with about 5 paragraphs mocking Ford for living in an apartment with a bright yellow room

A rep for Ford had no immediate comment on why he lives in a prison of unrelenting yellow, and how soon he hopes to escape from it.

And another using a color study to hit up the same joke.

A new study finds that depressed people generally choose a shade of grey to represent their mood, while healthy people mostly choose yellow. This proves that Harold Ford is healthy!

Now Gawker is trying to pass this as a yellow dog democrat reference, but the traditional meaning of the term has no connection to Harold Ford. But on the other hand Yellow or High Yellow is also a racist way to reference a light skinned black man. Which Harold Ford is. Which I’m sure Gawker never ever meant to reference, despite all the other racist posts they’ve run over the years.

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