The Frankfurt School Will Eat Your Brains

Thank goodness for Pajamas Media TV where Bill Whittle can explain to us that Jewish intellectuals were responsible for destroying America. Of course he doesn’t say it that way. He also waters down the original material a lot, as you can see if you watch it paired with the Bill Lind material. For those who don’t want to spend 40 minutes watching all this, the nugget here is a conspiracy theory you’ll probably see pop up on Glenn Beck, which claims that political correctness was invented by a bunch of Commie Jews from the Frankfurt School.

Problem? Cultural attacks weren’t invented in the 40’s or 50’s. Not even in the 1840’s or 50’s. And Communists were working with blacks and other groups all the way back in the 20’s. Sex Ed was being pushed by radical feminists and eugenicists even before that.

Lind makes his agenda clearer by tying Freud to Marx, a pairing that doesn’t actually make any sense, except both are Jews, who the far right blames for destroying Western civ. But Lind also thinks the Jews run America and that we’d all be better off living under the Prussian Monarchy. So basically he’s Dwight Schrute. And he looks like him too.

Lind is published on a strange assortment of sites from to LewRockwell to WND to Counterpunch. Which just proves that the left and right are willing to embrace him. For the right, Lind explains his Frankfurt school stuff. For the left, Lind goes into the Jews running American foreign policy. It’s like two men visiting the same hooker, without ever noticing the other is there.

The punch line. Lind at a Holocaust denial conference. Yes it’s come to this.

This June 15, at a major Holocaust denial conference put on by veteran anti-Semite Willis Carto in Washington, D.C., Lind gave a well-received speech before some 120 “historical revisionists,” conspiracy theorists, neo-Nazis and other anti-Semites, in which he identified a small group of people who he said had poisoned American culture. On this point, Lind made a powerful connection with his listeners.

“These guys,” he explained, “were all Jewish.”

Lind seemed nervous when he gave his speech, apparently sensing the potential for bad publicity.

“I do want to make it clear for the foundation and myself that we are not among those who question whether the Holocaust occurred,” he said.

But he added that he was there despite that, because his foundation had a “regular policy to work with a wide variety of groups on an issue-by-issue basis.”

Listening and enthusiastically applauding was a crowd that included Jürgen Graf, a Swiss Holocaust denier who fled to Iran to avoid prosecution at home; Eustace Mullins, a rabid anti-Semite who once wrote an article entitled “Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation”; former SS man Hans Schmidt, and many others.

I know most Jewish Conservatives don’t want to hear it, but whether it’s Lind’s stuff finding its way into a Pajamas Media TV broadcast or Rand Paul going mainstream in the Republican Party, or Alex Jones popping up among conservatives, this is a problem. This is a great time for the far right to work its way inside.

But Lind is more than just the right’s problem. He appears at CounterPunch and guys like James Wolcott at Vanity Fair have praised him. And here’s an interview with him at the Jewish World Review. Where he avoids mentioning his JOOS RUN AMERICA theme.

William Lind is what happens when people rely on conspiracy theories not facts. When easy answers are more appealing than complex truths. When people would rather hear that the FRANKFURT SCHOOL WILL EAT YOUR BRAIN than deal with the reasons for cultural decline.

We Talk About Achdus Non-Stop, But We Can’t Get Along with Each Other

“We will enter prison happily, since by doing so we will be sanctifying the name of God publicly,” Rabbi Avraham Luria, a Slonim hassid facing prison time, told The Jerusalem Post in a hoarse whisper Wednesday night. “These are historic moments that will be studied by future generations.”

Oh they will be. Just not the way he thinks. More like the way we study the historic moment of Kamtza vs Bar Kamtza, a metaphor for Israel being destroyed last time around because no one could get along with anyone else for 5 minutes at a time.

This great HISTORIC MOMENT is brought to you by the Emmanuel case, one of those cases where everyone manages to be wrong and horrible at the same time. Behind the cries of WACISM (Sefardim aren’t another race) and GOYISCHE COURTS (Israeli courts aren’t Goyish) and all the rest of the crap, are activists from different communities fighting over education money and policy. And pushing the fight into the Israeli court system which is only too happy to exercise its authority. And by exercise its authority, I mean overstep its authority and then scream bloody murder when they’re defied.

What is the Emmanuel case really about? It’s about 2000 years after the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed because we trusted Romans more than we trusted other Jews, we’re still fighting. We’re fighting to different customs and traditions. We’re fighting because not only can’t a secular and religious legal system co-exist, but even different religious traditions can’t co-exist together. And because it all comes down to money. Shekels. Gelt. They fund communities. And communities survived by controlling the education of their children. And they survive by being different. Which means finding differences, expanding them and sticking to them, INSIDE THE SAME DAMN ONE NATION.

No it’s not racism. That’s because we all have nasty names for each other. Because not only can’t Ashkenazim and Sefardim get along, but Chassidim can’t get along with each other. Sefardim can’t get along with each other either. There’s a thousand different groups fighting with each other non-stop. We talk about Achdus non-stop, but none of us can get along with each other.

And now while our killers are bearing down on us, we’re busy punching each other in the face and sending each other to prison over a girls school. Sure makes Kamza and Bar Kamtza look good, don’t it?

Who Were the Erev Rav Really?

The Torah only mentions the Erev Rav or the Asafsuf (who might be the same people) briefly. Today Erev Rav is used a lot in some circles. But who were the Erev Rav really?

The accepted interpretation is that they were non-Jewish slaves, criminals and foreigners in Egypt who accompanied the Jews on their exodus. This isn’t impossible, but it’s not really likely. Why would Moshe have accepted a large number of foreigners on the way out? There was no conversion yet. Yitro, the first Ger only arrived around or after Har Sinai when the Torah was given. The Egyptians would not have agreed to free non-Jewish slaves or prisoners. Remember, they even chased after their Jewish slaves and only let them go after incredible devastation. And why would non-Jews have volunteered to go into the desert with no real hope of survival, and then wanted to return?

There’s a simple alternative answer that covers all these points. Who were the Mixed Multitude really? They were mixed. They were the children of Egyptian men and Jewish women. We encounter one of them as the blasphemer, but he was probably representative of the Erev Rav as a whole.

Accepted interpretations claim that he was the only such case. We know how unrealistic this is. Kohanim whose wives were in captivity had to divorce them because the halachic position is that captivity means a high probability of rape. If the Egyptians could enslave the men and kill the children, could they rape their women. Obviously yes.

When Pharaoh gave the order to kill. He only ordered the deaths of male babies. Female babies survived. His goal was to have Jewish women, while wiping out Jewish men. Egyptians obviously wanted Jewish women. The Jewish people survived his attack. Polygamy may have even been a defense mechanism against this type of ethnic cleansing. But there still would probably have been a surplus female population. And some Jews did become corrupted in Egypt. So some Jewish women may have even been voluntarily mistresses or concubines to Egyptian men.

The children of rape or even voluntary liaisons with Egyptian men would have become the Erev Rav. To the Egyptians they were Jews. To the Jews they were Egyptians. After the 10th Plague, the Egyptians may have in their panic banished anyone with Jewish blood from their country. Or the Erev Rav might have gone willingly.

But in the desert things changed. In Egypt, the Erev Rav might have held a higher status than full blooded Jews, the way that in the American South light skinned blacks of mixed race were House Slaves. But in the desert they were lower ranked. In a camp based on tribal divisions, the Erev Rav belonged nowhere. They were “rabble”, a mixed group without their own tribal leadership. They didn’t answer to anyone, and could get into all kinds of trouble. Pecking order would be established not by descent, the way it was with the tribes, but through Prison Yard showdowns.

No surprise then that the Erev Rav kept bringing up the theme of going back to Egypt. Among the Egyptians, they might have been considered Jews, but among the Jews, they started seeing themselves as Egyptians. In Egypt, they were superior because they were part of the master race. Among the Jews, they were inferior for that same reason.

And if things were bad in the desert, they were only going to get worse, if the Jews actually made it to Israel where land was allotted based on tribal divisions. Again by the father. Which is why the Erev Rav did everything it could to stop the Jews from getting there. What the Erev Rav wanted most of all was to get back to Egypt. But they settled for sabotaging any progress the Jews made along the way. Because any progress in Jewish nationhood would set back their status even more, and make it harder to push for a return to Egypt.

There’s no way to know how large the Erev Rav was. But even a 1000 men with no leadership structure and a sense of grievance can do a lot of damage.

In more modern times, Erev Rav came to mean any fifth column or foreign element among the Jews. Today It usually means people who might be biologically Jews or members of the Jewish community, but whose real allegiances lie elsewhere. This is what makes them “mixed”. They have a mixture of Jewish ethnicity but alien loyalties. And this makes them act as a fifth column, obstructing and sabotaging the Jewish people.

Erev Rav is used today for everyone from Jewish anti-Israel activists to Jewish leaders who pursue goals not in the interests of their communities. It doesn’t mean that their parentage is mixed, but that their loyalties are. The Erev Rav were living together with the Jewish people, but not part of it. In the same way the Erev Rav today is part of the Jewish community, but has a different destination in mind.