Worst Fiddler on the Roof Production Ever Averted

You can’t keep a good FAG down (see video). 140 people nobody ever heard of, plus Ed Asner, Theodore Bikel the 86 year old megastar who goes around obscure parts of the world hoping someone will let him play Tevye again (now coming to Calgary!), Vanessa Redgrave (No, she’s not dead. Yes she still hates Jews.) and completely off the wall choices like Jennifer Tilly (being fat, drunk and crazy wasn’t enough for her), Cynthia Nixon (the ugly one from Sex and the City. I mean the REALLY ugly one) and Julianne Moore (did a Jew run over her cat or something) signed a petition saying they’re “overjoyed and grateful” that a bunch of snotty Israeli actors won’t perform because they don’t want to travel more than 10 kilometers out of Tel Aviv.

I don’t know what this actually means. Probably that the good people of Ariel won’t get to see Jennifer Tilly, Cynthia Nixon and Julianne Moore play Tevye’s three daughters in the worst production of Fiddler on the Roof ever. But that probably wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Good news. There will now be peace in the Middle East because FAG took a standing for boycotting people. And signed on to stuff they read about in the newspapers. But some advice to Wallace Shawn, never get involved in a land war in the Middle East. You’re short enough as it is.

Who knows why half the cast of The Princess Bride decided to boycott the Jews, but so far Cary Elwes, Fred Savage and Billy Crystal haven’t taken a stand. And Andre the Giant has sent a message by Ouija board that he supports us.

“As actors it’s our responsibility to read the newspaper, and then say what we read on television like it’s our own opinion”

“Matt Damon!”

Shocking Media Expose, Woman donates Money to Anti-Terrorist Group

Same media which isn’t interested in reporting that a Ground Zero Mosque backer gave money to Hamas, that the Ground Zero Mosque’s developer has a huge tax debt, and that the Mosque Imam treats his own tenants like crap, found the time to make the shocking discovery that an anti-Ground Zero Mosque group gets donations from a pro-Israel donor.

Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, Politico reported, have over the years contributed to, among other groups, the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles; the Anti-Defamation League; the Zionist Organization of America; MEMRI, a group that distributes translations of inflammatory Arabic language material; the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a group that tracks what it depicts as the threat of radical Islam; the American Jewish Congress; CAMERA, a group that tracks what it says is anti-Israel bias in the media; the Central Fund for Israel, a clearinghouse for moneys directed to pro-settler groups; and a number of conservative think tanks.

Also she eats matza spiced with the blood of delicious liberal babies. Mmm liberal babies. Grain fed.

So Joyce Chernick is Jewish. She donated money legally. The Ground Zero Mosque is getting its money from terrorists. But who gives a damn about that?

Pro-Islam Rabbis are not so shockingly Anti-Israel

Or not.

In one of those great ideas that only really sick people can come up with, five Rabbis signed on to a letter calling for synagogues to discuss how great Islam is during Shabbat Shuva

And shockingly 4 out of 5 of the Rabbis are part of the Anti-Israel J-Street crowd.

Rabbi Burton Visotzky is a member of J-Street’s National Advisory Council and a member of the New Israel Fund Rabbinic Council’s steering committee. That’s like double the evil.

Discuss how great Islam is. Discuss how bad Israel is.

Rabbi Or Rose is part of the J Street Rabbinic Cabinet. Rabbi Reuven Firestone was listed formerly on the J Street rabbinic council. Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-­‐Kreimer (that’s a mouthful) was the signatory to pro J Street letter.

Most of them are also involved in Jewish-Muslim dialogue. Which is easy when both sides agree that Israel is the bad guy.

Another Night of Absolute Vileness for Lisa Goldman

Four Jews, I mean disgusting enemies of Lisa Goldman and her terrorist friends got their just deserts in a terrorist attack. Lisa Goldman immediately sprang into action to remind people that Jews/Settlers are horrible evil people.

Yes very disheartening. That’s the thought Lisa Goldman shared with Sagacious O. Sagacious O also agrees that Jews are the devil.

Sagacious O retweets material from a Neo Nazi account, JewSupremacist, a Nazi who’s got lots of thoughts on that Jew Masonic conspiracy to rule the world.

Water finds its own level. So does Lisa Goldman. Finally people who care about exposing Jewish evil as much as Lisa herself does. Don’t be disheartened Lisa, Sagacious and JewSupremacist are just as concerned about “settler violence” as you are.