Another Night of Absolute Vileness for Lisa Goldman

Four Jews, I mean disgusting enemies of Lisa Goldman and her terrorist friends got their just deserts in a terrorist attack. Lisa Goldman immediately sprang into action to remind people that Jews/Settlers are horrible evil people.

Yes very disheartening. That’s the thought Lisa Goldman shared with Sagacious O. Sagacious O also agrees that Jews are the devil.

Sagacious O retweets material from a Neo Nazi account, JewSupremacist, a Nazi who’s got lots of thoughts on that Jew Masonic conspiracy to rule the world.

Water finds its own level. So does Lisa Goldman. Finally people who care about exposing Jewish evil as much as Lisa herself does. Don’t be disheartened Lisa, Sagacious and JewSupremacist are just as concerned about “settler violence” as you are.

5 thoughts on “Another Night of Absolute Vileness for Lisa Goldman

  1. Lisa Goldman says:

    Actually, the first thought I shared on Twitter was precisely the opposite of what you claim.

  2. samuraimohel says:

    It’s not your thought, it’s someone else’s thought… and it linked to a piece which suggested the 4 people killed were “criminals” but it’s wrong to kill them anyway.

    Do you want a round of applause for that?

    …and then it was back to your usual bashing of Jews and Israel… and promoting a claim that Simon Wiesenthal worked for the Mossad, Because anyone who isn’t a Jewish Anti-Semite must be one of those Zionist war criminals.

  3. samuraimohel says:

    also how you are not following this guy yet?

  4. Lisa Goldman says:

    My dear man, you seem to live in a rage-filled, deluded place. I would not dream of arguing further with you, as you seem utterly oblivious of logic.

  5. samuraimohel says:

    I’m not the one basing a professional career on bashing an entire country, that would be you. Must be some rage involved in that poor life decision.

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