Just Calm the Hell Down

Tyler Clementi may have committed suicide because he was humiliated by his roommate. But considering the three day time difference, and his initially calm reaction, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if he was on prescription medication and experiencing highs and lows.

But his death is sad, either way. Just like the death of Emma Jones, A British student in the UAE who killed herself because her ex stole nude photos and uploaded them on Facebook. But we don’t hear much about that because Muslims are off limits and because she wasn’t gay.

Clementi is gay, so the GAY PRIDE activists are out in force screaming there’s a gay suicide crisis and HOMOPHOBIC BULLYING and we need laws to ban everyone from everything! And the media is screaming along with them. You have to go to Singapore to get a rational reaction.

But there’s no actual evidence that this was Homophobic, just the usual bullshit that college students often pull on each other. If Clementi was straight and meeting with a girl, the same thing probably would still happened. But then no one would care. He’d just be the guy who was bullied and killed himself. He wouldn’t be a symbol. He wouldn’t be a new Matthew Shephard to be drafted posthumously into promoting gay pride and screaming that everyone who disagrees is a murderer.

The real test here is how many of the idiots screaming about Clementi’s death would give a damn if he were straight. Oh look, it’s tumbleweeds.

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