The 10 Worst Things Judge Andrew Napolitano has Said

Judge Andrew Napolitano, the man with the face of a weasel, says stupid things the way pigs fart. He also says awful things because it’s the best way to be popular with men who live in their own bunkers and sleep in Swastika bedsheets.

1. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Arizona’s Immigration Law

She’s gonna bankrupt the Republican Party and the state of Arizona. She’s also gonna bankrupt her state, because no insurance company will provide coverage for this.

2. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Bush and Cheney

They should have been indicted. They absolutely should have been indicted, for torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrant.

3. Judge Andrew Napolitano on why he thinks we fought the Cold War

“We fought a cold war against countries in eastern Europe that thought they had the power to stop people on the basis of the way they looked and demand to see their papers.”

4. Judge Andrew Napolitano on 9/11

“People will look at 9-11 the way we look at the assassination of JFK today. It couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us.”

5. Judge Andrew Napolitano channels Lenin

“The revolution, which we are in the early stages of, will first cause our empire to crumble. I mean, we simply will not be able to finance over 900 permanent military installations all around the globe. And those people will be free from our occupation. Now, the second stage of the revolution, in his view and in mine, is sort of like what happened the Soviet Union fell. When the Soviet Union fell, the countries that it had occupied from before, during, and after World War II became free countries.”

6. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Israel and Terrorism

“Some people theorize that Israel’s extreme tactics have provoked more extreme responses from the terrorists. Hence the Israel-terrorist cycle continues.”

7. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Nazi Saboteurs during WW2

“The Court persisted in its abominable disregard for civil rights when it faced a small band of Germans and German-Americans charged with treason.”

8. Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Chicago murderers of a police officer

“They were courage personified, men with the hearts of wolves.”

9. Judge Andrew Napolitano on terrorist collaborator Lynn Stewart

“The conviction of Lynne F. Stewart for providing material aid to terrorism and for lying to the government is another perverse victory in the Justice Department’s assault on the Constitution.”

10. Judge Andrew Napolitano is outraged by Americans preying on Muslim terrorists

“Rossmiller came across a posting on by a man calling himself “Amir Abdul Rashid” who was “edging toward violence”. Rossmiller posed as an Algerian with ties to a militant Islamic group and send Rashid an email entitled A Call to Jihad. Rashid responded by asking whether a “brother fighting on the wrong side could defect”. After she exchanged twenty-seven emails with Rashid, she learned that Rashid was really a US National Guardsman about to be deployed in Iraq. She reported Rashid to the government since he appeared to be willing to share information on American troop vulnerabilities with the enemy.

Rossmiller preyed on an individual who was innocent. After he was convicted by a court martial, he was sentenced to life in prison. The crime was attempted treason. Who did he harm?

Judge Andrew Napolitano. Constitutional scholar. Who doesn’t know when to use “who” or “whom”. But he knows everything else. Like how Bush is Hitler and Cheney is Supa-Hitler and the Nazis, Anarchists, Communists and Terrorists are victims of our occupation. And when we withdraw from our occupation of countries like Germany and Japan, they’ll finally be free.

Lord have mercy.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Things Judge Andrew Napolitano has Said

  1. Rachel says:

    Some people theorize that Israel’s extreme tactics have provoked more extreme responses from the terrorists. Hence the Israel-terrorist cycle continues.”

    Ho-hum, isn’t that one we’ve all heard before. I would say that the extreme placating tactics of Israel’s Kadima party provokes extreme responses from the terrorist, but, beyond that, people who offer their ‘opinions’ on the Arab-Israeli conflict when they have no clue how ME culture and politics work, let alone the history of the Conflict should have socks stuffed in their mouths.

  2. samuraimohel says:

    Yeah but his theory is that terrorists only hate us because we use “extreme tactics” and if we stuck to being Clark Kent, they would be cool with us

    Israel is just a handy prop in his theory that we should all just give up

  3. Rachel says:

    Meh, I get it. Islam is a glorious religion of peace. They only got their reputation for being indiscriminate slaughterers of children because the horrid West put a gun to their saintly heads and forced them to do it.

    That is probably what I can’t stand the most about Islam/Muslims–nothing is ever their fault. The US/Israel/West always MAKES them behave like 7th century desert bandits and plot terrorism while living in Western countries while their own countries rot in clan warfare and puritanical fascism…which the West also is to blame for. Members of that religion are practically bystanders in their own lives…which makes many death row inmates more dignified.

  4. samuraimohel says:

    It’s like how criminals are either completely innocent or guilty only because THE MAN kept them down and made them do it.

    And we are THE MAN.

    Also killing kids is their culture, and who are we to question it when we use non-recyclable shopping bags.

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