Don’t Pay Jeffrey Goldberg’s Salary

Inevitably The Atlantic expects people to send them subscription money so they can “Pay Jeffrey Goldberg’s Salary”. But I’m not giving.

Jeffrey Goldberg is a wealthy writer. That he has no other way to make money except by writing trolling pieces over at The Atlantic and making up interviews with Fidel Castro, is not our fault. It’s due to his own negligence. At some point the people who work for a living are going to have to tell Jeffrey Goldberg that if he wants to earn a living, he has to develop some basic useful skills, such as carpentry or plumbing.

We’ve had enough of subsidizing Jeffrey Goldberg and we’re not doing him any favors by letting him think that he can live high on the hog with no other skills but his Atlantic trolling stories. There are a great many causes that deserve money, like the homeless and the endangered squirrels and the homeless endangered squirrels. But Jeffrey Goldberg should not expect to have his lifestyle subsidized by the people of Boca Raton, Potomac and the Upper West Side.

My sympathy is with Jeffrey Goldberg, Andrew Sullivan and the rest of the human jokes masquerading as writers at The Atlantic who might have to cut back on their cocktails and their rented ponies, but not with their poor money management skills that lead them to think that trolling the internet is a career. It is not a career. And it’s time they learned that. That’s why I’m not going to contribute to funding their poor life choices and lifestyles.

One thought on “Don’t Pay Jeffrey Goldberg’s Salary

  1. Rachel says:

    Meh–you’re right about the Atlantic, and about Goldberg. Still, he’s one of the few journalists who actually knows what he’s talking about when the ME is concerned, instead of the obnoxious 20-something know-it-alls who equate their ability to recite Abbas’ talking points verbatim to an actual understanding of the region. I still don’t pay his salary, but other journalists should have to pay their readers a salary until they can crank out an article that actuallly gives any of the following: facts, context, Israeli sources to match the Palestinian ones, and complexity. Basically, just anything that could have gotten a C+ as a paper in colllege.

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