Rosh Pina Project Promotes Anti-Semitic Video

The Rosh Pina Project, a missionary blog run by a cult member who’s been in trouble with the law in the UK, is promoting a video made by Eddie Beckford‘s Kingsmen Arad.

Eddie Beckford is an African-American Christian missionary who calls himself a messianic Jew, harasses Jewish residents of Arad and just got convicted of assault. The video can be found all over YouTube under the name, “This is Why People Hate the Jews” uploaded by AradIsrael. The Rosh Pina Project is too dishonest to list its real title. Because Yeze Yezekiel is still pretending to be pro-Israel and not anti-Semitic. And running a video like “This is Why People Hate the Jews” would be a tip off.

But blogs like Harry’s Place still insist on giving space to this cult member to smear Israel and civil rights organizations such as Honenu. Some cult and missionary groups pretend to be pro-Israel as a ploy. But they hate Jews. And when given a chance, they show it.

If they didn’t hate Jews, they wouldn’t constantly seek to impersonate Jews in order to attack their religion. Here’s another reminder of what Edwin Beckford stands for and what cult members like the Rosh Pina Project really support when it comes to the Jews of Israel.

What’s the difference between “Messianic Jews” and “Neo-Nazi thugs” again? The former have prayer requests and file civil rights complaints. That’s what.

One thought on “Rosh Pina Project Promotes Anti-Semitic Video

  1. tickletik says:

    We are wimps. Those animals should have been driven off with baseball bats and tire irons

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