Biggest Load of Crap Gets New Shipment

Hey you gotta give a man credit, this is a unique spin on on trying to excuse bigotry. Mel Gibson isn’t a bigot, he was trying to commit suicide by insulting a cop.

The “Braveheart” star apparently tried to goad a police office into drawing his weapon and shoot by hurling anti-Semitic slurs after he was stopped for drink driving.

Apparently we mean that there’s no evidence for this except some friend of Mel’s is claiming this in a lame attempt to make us feel sorry for him. He’s not a bigot, just suicidal!

But a close friend has revealed Gibson wasn’t anti-Jewish but on a mission to die because he felt he had failed after his wife Robyn had left him.

It’s not that hard to die. You just drive in a wall. Or down a bottle of pills. Or drive into a wall after downing a bottle of pills. You don’t need to go on a special mission to do it.

Death by cop is a popular way of suicide in the US where people deliberately provoke police offices into using their weapons.

Yeah, and they do it by pointing a weapon at a cop or in some way threatening him. Ranting about Jews is not ‘Death by Cop’, it’s just a surly drunken bigot being himself.

Soon after he was stopped for drink driving and launched into his now infamous rant against the arresting officer saying “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”.

A friend of the actor told Hollywood author Peter Biskind that Gibson was trying to get the officer, James Mee, to draw his weapon and fire

So an anonymous friend of Mel Gibson is making a bullshit excuse for him.

If Gibson wanted the cop to draw his gun and shoot him, all he had to do was charge him. Or try to run him over. Or shove a hand into his pocket and scream, I’VE GOT A GUN.

Cops won’t shoot you if you yell slurs. They will shoot you if you threaten them. If Gibson really wanted to commit suicide by cop, it wouldn’t have been that hard. But he was just being a drunken bigot, not going through a complicated attempt at getting a cop to shoot him.

“Mel was trying to invite death by cop. I don’t think this was being anti-Semitic. I think he was trying to rile that guy into pulling out a gun and shooting him.”

Shouldn’t he have been calling the cop names then? Instead of making general statements about the Jews. How would he even know the cop was Jewish?

And was “sugar tits” his way of getting the female cop to shoot him?

Load of crap. That’s what this is.

According to the friend Gibson had said goodbye to everyone in the restaurant before getting in his car. “I believe what was going on that night was a farewell,” the friend said.

Yeah. Saying goodbye to everyone was clearly Gibson going off to die. Or just what people when they leave. Drunk people anyway.

Follow up question. When Gibson was making anti-semitic remarks to Wynona Ryder, was he trying to commit suicide by Wynona Ryder?

3 thoughts on “Biggest Load of Crap Gets New Shipment

  1. Rachel says:

    So, he’s not a bigot–he just assumed that Jewish cops are so unhinged that a pack of slurs that are about as acrimonious as anything Jews would find written on a blog or online answer site anyway would drive them to shoot someone in the head? Even if one could take the ‘death by cop’ theory seriously, the argument still rests on bigotry on Gibson’s part.

    Then again, someone who apparently thinks that US Police forces are staffed by a bunch of de facto Kevorkians who contribute significantly to proxy suicides in this country probably could not be bothered to notice such errors of logic.

  2. samuraimohel says:

    I’m betting this is one of Mel’s Jewish Hollywood friends still trying to rationalize

  3. Harold Hecuba says:

    Mel Gibson thinks he is above the law and the influence of alcohol only heightens that delusion while reducing his inhibitions when it comes to saying what he really thinks. It’s not unlike David Hasselhoff being ejected from Wimbledon (while tanked) and protesting, “Do you know who I am? I’m the HOFF!” Yes, that actually happened.
    Nothing loosens up the “evil tongue” like some liquid courage. I could generalize about Mel having a character flaw typical of “those Anglo-Celtic types” in loving alcohol excessively, but I will not do that because I see what is admirable and decent in those cultures as well as the negatives. I also have it in perspective that it would be wrong to judge all of THEM because I don’t like HIM.
    I can’t deny that I dislike him, though, to be honest. I am tired of anti-semites. I am tired of old and young anti-semites. I am tired of anti-semites who work in dirty, old smocks for minimum wage and anti-semites who drive Jaguars. I am sick of anti-semites who sit home smoking cigarettes and playing video games while I am working all day and also of anti-semites who wish they could “restrict” the golf, tennis and yacht clubs again. I am sick of anti-semites whose families came over on the Mayflower, or close enough to that time to be “real” Americans. I am sick of Eastern Europeans who secretly view pogroms as the good old days. I am sick of Middle Easterners whose only real qualm with Israel is that it’s a Jewish state and not any issue of substance that could really be debated or discussed.
    This is really quite a bold statement on my part, isn’t it? It is a radical and unusual thing to be really GD tired of anti-semitism and anti-semites, right? I had actually bought into the story that “The Passion” was an unbiased movie, but I now I wish that Martin Riggs would show up with his mullet and his firearm and tell Gibson to get the hell out of his country. F**k Mel Gibson.

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