It’s Stupid Ron Kampeas Day at the JTA

Yeah I know every day is Stupid Ron Kampeas Day at the JTA. At least until whoever funds the decrepit rotting corpse of the JTA moves to Singapore and Ron Kampeas has to get a job at J Street.

But there’s dumb and then there’s really dumb. “From left to right, American Jews are criticizing Israeli anti-boycott law”

Backers of a new Israeli law penalizing anyone who targets Israel or West Bank settlements for boycotts tout it as a tool to fight back against anti-Israel campaigns, but American Jewish organizations seem remarkably united in deeming the measure an affront to freedom of expression.

Does Ron understand the difference between American Jews and American Jewish organizations? Or do you have to be a non-member of orgs to get that?

Okay how about from left to right? Ron quotes Morton Klein of ZOA who doesn’t know what the bill means and think it makes boycotts illegal. That is the only person, place or thing on the right that the article quotes. And it’s from someone who doesn’t understand the bill.

Does anyone at the JTA speak English? If you’re going to make the focus of your dumbass article a false claim that American Jews on the left and right oppose the bill, then you have to talk to more than one person on the right. And that person should know what the fracking bill does.

“Not since ‘Who is a Jew?’ ” has there been a controversy that could seriously strain relations between Israel and American Jews, said one pro-Israel heavyweight, referring to the early 1980s battle.

Not since 5 minutes ago has Ron Kampeas used an unsourced anonymous quote to shore up a bullshit claim that no one takes seriously for 5 minutes.

“Not since Ron Kampeas was caught shoplifting women’s panties at K-Mart has there been such a crisis that threatened the future of the JTA this much,” said one influential journalist in a bathroom stall. Does this mean the end of the JTA. Very probably.

JTA House Style, Represent!

Morton Klein, the ZOA’s president, said he was still examining the law, but that in principle the ZOA opposed anti-boycott laws.

“Nobody was more appalled by the boycott of Ariel theater than me, but to make it illegal? I don’t think so,” Klein told JTA, referring to calls by some Israeli artists to boycott a performing arts center in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

Did Ron Kampeas misrepresent the bill in his phone call to Klein. And if he didn’t, did he happen to tell Klein that it doesn’t make boycotts illegal.

JTA Journalism, Represent!

Joining the ADL in issuing statements condemning the law were an array of dovish Jewish groups that included the New Israel Fund, J Street and Americans for Peace Now.

“When you start to persecute unpopular opinions, there really is no end point,” said Naomi Paiss, a spokeswoman for the New Israel Fund.

Yeah, next thing you know you’re persecuting unpopular countries and boycotting products from companies in them.