GPS Needed to Save Idol

Florida: In 2006, thieves stole two statues of the baby Jesus from a display in front of the Wellington Community Center — even though, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports, the little guy was strapped in with a cable. “They’re expensive,” Paul Schofield, the village’s community services director, told the newspaper — noting that the statues cost $400 a pop.

So the village tried to do something about it this year. They implanted a small GPS tracking device on the statue — which, sure enough, was subsequently stolen late Wednesday. The tracking device was activated, and Jesus was found in a house a short distance from the community center.

“I stole Jesus,” she told police, according to the newspaper.

Now why does Jesus need GPS to be found? Shouldn’t he be able to find himself? This reminds me of Lavan looking through Jacob’s baggage in search of his idols when his grandchildren ask him, if the idols have such powers, why can’t the idols find themselves?