Love and Mitzvahs

To those who say that love, romantic love is a foolish thing and that marriage takes place purely le’sheim mitzvah, this idea is backward and perverted. Love is the mitzvah.
Reproduction isn’t even mentioned as a mitzvah till noach, the first time marriage is mentioned is lo tov hayot adam levado.

Mitzvahs are how we show we love Hashem and each other but a mitzvah without love is hollow and cold. Would one consider learning for a mitzvah to be better than learning because you love torah?

We are not supposed to do things for a mitzvah as a reward, but for their essence. Now bein adam lemakom we do things for Hashem but bein adam lechavero, should we give tzedakah saying, well i wouldn’t normally give you tzeddakah but since it’s a mitzvah here’s 50 cents or should we want to help someone and isn’t that the real mitzvah? To want to do it for another person. If you marry, then you should marry because you love them and you want to be a basar echad rather than because you want to do a mitzvah with no regard for the other person except as a vehicle for a mitzvah.