WTF? Agriprocessors hiring Muslims to package Meat?

Agriprocessors dumped Hispanics and now apparently hired Somali Muslims to work in the plant.

Great plan guys, couldn’t you just hire serial killers or maybe teenagers with constantly running saliva glands. No thanks, just no thanks.

About 150 Somalis, refugees who live and work legally in this country, have arrived to work at Agriprocessors since the raid. At first, most were single men, but a growing number of women are starting to join them. In the evenings, the long, lanky men in loose fitting clothes and women, swathed in traditional Muslim dresses and hijabs, can often be seen walking from the meatpacking plant to downtown.

There, inside the former “Sunday Mattress” store, where the windows still tout Fulls, Queens, and Kings, Hassan Aar described the pull of work that lured him from Minneapolis to Postville.

Yeah no. Putting people from a religion who hate our guts and whose country was recently being run by Al Queda is not the people I trust to handle the food I eat. Especially when we’re talking about people who move around a lot and who probably couldn’t even be tracked down if something happened.

This isn’t a lame ass boycott, but there’s no way in hell I’m buying meat that was under Muslim control. That’s just frakking stupid and I’m not a stupid person. I’m not crazy about illegal Mexicans, but I’ll take them or trained giraffes any day over people whose religious ideal is killing Jews.

Add this one to Yayin Nesech. Call it Basar Sonim. Or just common sense. Hiring Muslims to work in a Kosher plant makes as much sense as hiring Neo-Nazis to work in a Kosher plant. “Sure come on in Bruno and Fritz, the Kosher meat is over there. Have a blast.”

For anyone still willing to eat Agriprocessors after this, enjoy all the Muslim saliva, mucus, ass and maybe sooner or later something deadlier. But hey, it’s “cheaper”.

For me no more Agriprocessors as long as they’re using Muslims.

Uri L’Tzedek Wankers Threaten to Begin Eating Kosher Meat for Kosher Boycott

Yes that’s right, McDonalds of the Upper West Side, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah students for the first time might actually keep Kosher, at least long enough to boycott Rubashkin’s Agriprocessors for being mean to Cows and Mexicans.

It’s a fun paradox that the creative school of Judaism, whose only Kosher meat probably has to be brought in by Rabbi Avi Weiss, will now threaten to not buy kosher meat from Agriprocessors. Yeah I’m sure Rubashkin is losing a lot of money from the Vegan and Conservadox crowd.

Every time the JTA runs another Cowmeat story on Agriprocessors and the threatened Boycott of Doom from Uri L’Tzedek, better known as a bunch of useless wankers from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, 4 of whom might actually know what Kosher even is, I can’t help laughing my ass off.

Uri L’Tzedek threatening a boycott of Agriprocessors is like me threatening a boycott of Tofu. It’s empty posturing by a bunch of useless wankers with goat beards who find learning Gemara and being Rabbis too boring, so they have to create Uri L’Tzedek, their very own useless social justice organization in preparation for figuring out how to get some real grant money and then write their own book or maybe run for Congress.

I’m no fan of Agriprocessors but the demographic there is people who want affordable Kosher meat, not people who spend all night worrying about whether Mexican illegal aliens are happy with their jobs. That’s what rich dumbass limousine liberals and their idiot sons who form Uri L’Tzedek do and they don’t eat Kosher meat, except when they’re busy posturing about their phony boycotts.

So sure gang, chow down on more of that delicious tofu. Pile on the wheatgrass. After all you wouldn’t want to be mean to cows and I’m sure no Mexicans were harmed in the making of your Birkenstocks. I realize you guys at Uri L’Tzedek are really all fired about this, I don’t mean the Mexican cow stuff, just the “getting your names in the paper” stuff. After all the biggest triumph for a bunch of useless wankers is becoming nationally known and respected useless wankers.

Which is why it’s in our interest to keep mocking them until they go away.