Professor Yaakov Rabkin , Israel Bashing Pro-Terrorist Asshat

In the gallery of terrorist collaborating asshats, you’ve got your basic Neturei Karta crazies whose monthly doses of horse trankies were paid for by their buddy Arafat and today by their buddy Mahmoud. Yaakov M. Rabkin can’t handle wearing the whole heavy Neturei Karta getup, but he still goes around on an antisemitic tour of the world, lecturing on the glories of Mahmoud’s NK buttboys, while aspiring to be one himself.

Wearing a flimsy yarmulke to shore up his credentials as a guy wearing a flimsy yarmulke, Yaakov Rabkin does his part to promote Iran’s nuking of Israel. Some of the Neturei Karta genuinely believe Israel is evil, gutter trash like Yaakov Rabkin though just don’t think that one Holocaust was enough. He’s a leftie trying to cloak his promotion of terrorism in religion. Too bad he doesn’t have much in the way of religion besides hating Israel and the Jewish people with all his might.

Listen to Yaakov Rabkin spew his lies on behalf of his beloved Ayatollahs

While Iran has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and publicly refused to develop nuclear weapons, Israel possesses such weapons and has not signed the treaty. Moreover, Iran has not attacked another country for centuries.

Yeah, Iran signed a bunch of human rights treaties too. It’s not like they behead minors or rape women in prisons or shoot them in public spectacles. Oops. They do.

Iran hasn’t attacked another country for centuries. Just last year when Iranian backed Hizbollah terrorists attacked Israel. Oh and there’s Iran’s attacks on US troops in Iraq. Iran’s attacks on British’s ships in the gulf. Then there was the 1998 Iranian attack on US ships in the Gulf. The Iranian bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, I bet Yaakov Rabkin giggles like a schoolgirl every time he thinks of all those dead Jews and can’t wait for a repeat.

I wonder whether Yaakov M Rabkin seriously think that if Iran pulls something like this on Montreal, that they’ll give him advance notice or something, just because he does their work for them? He might want to remember that when the Kapos did their work, they got gassed just the same. When the Yevesktsia did their work, they got shot by the KGB. If Iran bombs a Jewish center in Montreal, the guilty will die with the innocent, and by the guilty I mean pro-terrorist sewer filth like Yaakov M. Rabkin who spreads lies on behalf of the murderers of Jews.

To justify an assault on Iran, one has to present the Iranian president as an anti-Semite. While overtly anti-Zionist, he is not anti-Jewish. Indeed, had he been anti-Semitic, he would harass Iran’s Jews rather than challenge a nuclear-armed regional power.

Oh yeah, it’s not like most Iranian Jews haven’t run away, while the small remainder live closely watched by the Iranian secret police. It’s not like Iran hasn’t imprisoned the Jewish leadership of entire communities in Iran, which live in terror of being identitied with Israel.

But Yaakov Rabkin loves Iran because they oppress Sefardim but roll out the red carpet for his AshkeNAZI NK buddies (“Ve Luv Ahdolf, He vus Anti-Zionist layk ahs”).

Don’t worry Yaakov Rabkin, Iran does its share of oppressing Jews and planning to wipe out millions of Jews in Israel. Now you do’t have to pick and choose, you can have the best of both anti-semitic worlds, if you can get up off your knees before Mahmoud long enough to embrace it.

One should not mistake a wish to see a regime change for a physical threat to Israeli civilians.

“DEATH TO ISRAEL. No, no, we mean we want regime change in Israel. That is why we are developing nuclear weapons for ahhh… regime change. Yes regime change with nuclear weapons, ah to hell with it, DEATH TO ISRAEL IN A REGIME CHANGE SORT OF WAY.”

The Kapos in Poland were hoping for a limo to the gas chamber. Does Professor Yaakov M. Rabkin expect a limo to a radioactive wasteland?

Like many non-Zionist Jews, he wants Israel to evolve from a state for the Jews – a major source of the Israel/Palestine conflict – to an inclusive state of all its citizens.

Yes, see what a nice guy Mahmoud is. He wants to make Israel “inclusive”, “a state for all its citizens”, that’s why he’s developing nuclear weapons. To bring about regime change that will make Israel “inclusive.”

Right now Israel is exclusively all about living Jews. Mahmoud would like to change that. Yaakov Rabkin would like to help him change that, or at least sell his books to the Eurotrash Keffiyah wearers.

And when Israel includes only dead Jews and a Professor Yaakov Rabkin Memorial Crematorium then the conflict will be solved.

There are only two things to say Yaakov M. Rabkin or should that be Esau M. Rabkin?

Bekol Dor Va Dor Omdim Aleinu Lekolteinu. Velamalshinim Al Tehi Tikva, VeKol HaRishaa Kerega Toveidu, VeKol Oivei Amcha Meheira Yekoreitu.

Oh i forgot a third thing, You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye. You’ve opted out of the Jewish people. you’ve opted to be an overseer, a Kapo, a collaborator, a Yevesktsia, a liberal appeaser and an evil little smirking shmuck who reads lectures to anti-semites, sells books, puts the money in the bank and thinks that all will be well with him. I’m sure the money keeps you warm at night, but you’ll need a whole fireproof suit of it where you’re going, where the flames never die and the fire burns forever.

Give our regards to Datan, Aviram and Amram when you get there.