Pro-Islam Rabbis are not so shockingly Anti-Israel

Or not.

In one of those great ideas that only really sick people can come up with, five Rabbis signed on to a letter calling for synagogues to discuss how great Islam is during Shabbat Shuva

And shockingly 4 out of 5 of the Rabbis are part of the Anti-Israel J-Street crowd.

Rabbi Burton Visotzky is a member of J-Street’s National Advisory Council and a member of the New Israel Fund Rabbinic Council’s steering committee. That’s like double the evil.

Discuss how great Islam is. Discuss how bad Israel is.

Rabbi Or Rose is part of the J Street Rabbinic Cabinet. Rabbi Reuven Firestone was listed formerly on the J Street rabbinic council. Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-­‐Kreimer (that’s a mouthful) was the signatory to pro J Street letter.

Most of them are also involved in Jewish-Muslim dialogue. Which is easy when both sides agree that Israel is the bad guy.