TSA, Rape, Rape, Rape!

This is not a post about how crazy TSA agents are going on a crotch grabbing rampage. It’s about how quickly every blog turns into Antoine Dodson, screaming, “Y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause the TSA is rapin’ everybody out here.”

A CBS poll showed that most people don’t actually have a problem with the scanners. But who are you going to believe, “people” or the Drudge Report?

The Drudge Report and every other blog out there are going nuts about a video showing a boy being strip searched. Except the video actually shows the father taking the boy’s shirt off. There’s no strip search. But who cares, when we can make jokes about strip searches and junk groping, and unleash all that outrage on a bunch of underpaid people doing their jobs, who are no more perverts or pedophiles, than the average teacher or priest or doctor.

Look I know flying sucks. Terrorism has made it suck more. There are plenty of awful stories about TSA searches of disabled people. But the TSA doesn’t exist because a bunch of Senators like making 12 year olds cry. They exist to try and prevent terrorists from smuggling explosives on board. This isn’t some hypothetical problem. We’ve had a bunch of these cases. And when the “Underwear Bomber” is an actual thing, then yes we have scanners that show you naked.

The only people who see you naked on that scanner can’t see who you are. Unlike your doctor or nurses. And what they see isn’t going to turn them on. They see thousands of scans. Reversed images that are about as sexual as an X-ray. They’re not masturbating to those scans. They’re looking for any problems.

Pat downs are same sex. Less than 5 percent of the population is gay. And most gay people are not joining the TSA. So the odds are that TSA agents enjoy patting down travelers, about as much as the travelers enjoy it. Most of them aren’t pedophiles either. Or enjoy making children cry. Some of them are morons. Some follow procedures without understanding what those procedures are for. Some get off on a sense of power.

But you get that same proportion among cops who can arrest you on a whim, drag you down to the police station and strip search you. The TSA’s powers are nothing compared to the powers of your own police force, who can burst into your home, drag you off and strip you naked. They can do it to you on the street. They can even film everything that they do to you. And your odds of holding them accountable for it are almost nil.

You want real outrage. Go to this link at your own risk.

That’s something to be outraged about. And it’s been going on for much longer than you think. With no excuses about terrorism or trying to save hundreds of people from being blown to hell.

But there’s no outrage over stuff like this. The police are “heroes” who are keeping us safe. But TSA agents are monster molesters. It’s hypocrisy. The difference between the cops who did this to Hope Steffey and other women in Stark Country and TSA agents is that most of us think we’ll never be Hope Steffey. Because we’re not “bad people”. But a lot of us are worried that TSA agents will humiliate us, even though we did nothing wrong.

All the yelling about the TSA is just so much bullshit that proves the Drudge Report can still feed a media panic, even if Matt Drudge has to draw on material from Alex Jones, Prison Planet and Raw Story (those are the sites he was linking to when he kicked off the frenzy).

You want to be outraged about your rights? You have no rights. When the government can seize your home and hand it over to turn into a parking lot for Wal-Mart, when police officers can beat and strip you with no justification and you can be arrested if you’re not carrying identification with you, THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. Making a fuss over some naked scanners and pat downs is pathetic.

Your daughters are being strip searched? Please, your daughters have been strip searched for over 50 years. You didn’t complain about it because the odds were good that it wouldn’t actually be your daughter. Just someone else’s daughter. Someone else’s daughter who took a wrong turn or racked up an extra ticket and was taken to the police station and strip searched.

You didn’t have a problem with giving up your rights as long as you thought that it wouldn’t really affect you. Now that you know it does, you’re upset. But it’s not the TSA’s fault. It’s your fault.