Uri L’Tzedek Cashes in for $60,000 for Blackmailing Kosher Meat

Good news for the Uri L’Tzedek gang which staged a phony non-boycott of Agriprocessors Kosher Meat based on 5 news stories they read online, and are now cashing in to the tune of 60 big boys for their phony organization. Phony social activism sounds like a good business to be in. Doesn’t it?

As reported on the useless wankers own site, Bikkurim will be turning over office space, access to professional networks and services and funding worth 60 grand. Which amounts to Bikkurim telling Ari Hart, Shmuly Yanklowitz that they did good and now it’s time for them to earn their stripes by going after more Jewish groups.

Now you probably never heard of Bikkurim and if you go to their site, you’ll read a whole bunch of vague do-gooder crap. But when you take a look at what they fund, it gets real interesting. Here’s some highlights.

Footsteps, 2006
Footsteps provides social, emotional, health awareness, educational, and vocational resources to individuals who are growing beyond their ultra-orthodox and Chasidic Jewish communities and who choose to enter mainstream America.

Now that’s a really fancy way of saying that Footsteps is an Ex-Orthodox group encouraging teens and adults to leave Judaism. Bikkurim doesn’t just fund Footsteps but serves as their mailing address. Sultan Knish claimed to have found evidence that Footsteps.org was a scam. But whether that’s true or not, it’s pretty obvious what their goal is.

Next Bikkurim funds

Canfei Nesharim, 2004
Canfei Nesharim (“the wings of eagles”) is an organization of Orthodox Jews who are dedicated to educating the Orthodox community about the importance of protecting the environment from the perspective of Jewish tradition and Halacha (Jewish law).

Basically the environmentalist equivalent of Uri L’Tzedek. Left wing activists trying to repackage a left wing agenda under Orthodox colors. So if you can’t knock the religion out of ’em with Footsteps, bring em on board with Canfei Nesharim and Uri L’Tzedek. But it gets even better with,

Encounter, 2007
ENCOUNTER is an educational organization dedicated to providing emerging Jewish leaders from across the religious and political spectrum with exposure to Palestinian narratives and realities.

Wow sure sounds great Biff. But what is all that really about?

Motivated by the impassioned Jewish commitment to hokhma (wisdom) and binah (understanding), ENCOUNTER cultivates informed Jewish leadership on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by bringing participants on journeys to Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

So in other words Encounters funds Jewish tours to enemy territory in order to hear enemy propaganda. Here’s how it works

I recently spent a few days in the West Bank town of Bethlehem with a group of future rabbis, Jewish educators and Dorot Fellows on a trip called Encounter, which takes future Jewish leaders from North America who are studying in Israel into the West Bank to meet with Palestinian activists and stay in Palestinian homes.

We met with representatives of Open Bethlehem, a group attempting to garner worldwide support against Israel’s construction of the separation barrier around Bethlehem, which has effectively ruined its tourist-based economy.

We walked in the shadow of the separation barrier, which separates the West Bank from Israel and the Jewish settlements. We listened to the personal stories of a professor from Al-Quds University, a Christian Bible teacher, and a mother who was forced to divorce her multimillionaire husband because Israel wouldn’t let him live with her in the West Bank and she wasn’t allowed to leave with her son. And we met with representatives of the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization who had spent the preceding days prepping their colleagues for their trip to the Annapolis conference.

Throughout the trip a sense of hopelessness hung over our heads. My host for the night, Osama, a news anchor for the Palestine News Network, spoke about his wishes to travel in the future.

Yeah I bet Osama would love to travel. And hopefully Encounters can fulfill his dreams. Oh but it gets way better than that.

“Would you like to see two independent states, living side by side?” I asked them both at dinner on our first day.

“No,” Osama replied with conviction. “Even if we had our own state, Israel would still control us. We have no airport, and all of our borders are with Israel. They give us our food, our water, our electricity. If we do something they don’t like, they would strangle us and cut us off from the rest of the world like they have done in Gaza. Two states could never work.”

I have to admit, she made a convincing argument. One country with everyone living in harmony? It sounds fantastic to me. I’d love to see a place where ethnicity and religion have little impact on society, but of course there’s reality to deal with. We decided to change the subject.

Yes most convincing. Death to Israel. All Hail Osama. Funded by Bikkurim. Listed on the Bikkurim website.

That’s the august company that Uri L’Tzedek joins. A left wing incubator funded by a prominent left wing family which promotes an agenda of undermining Israel and Judaism. I could follow the chain of front groups that fund places like Bikkurim through other front groups and it would stretch a long way. Suffice it their goal is to fund left wing Jewish groups for agendas like this. That’s the graduating class Uri L’Tzedek joined through its blackmail of Kosher meat. Now they have their payday and their devil’s bargain. Hope they enjoy it. I’m sure we’ll see them around shaking down more Jewish organizations and businesses and trying to intimidate them into following their backers’ left wing agenda.

Blackmailing Uri L’Tzedek Wankers Call Off Fake Boycott of Agriprocessors

(Don’t you just want to punch this guy in the face?)

In updated useless wanker news, Uri L’Tzedek has “officially” called off their non-boycott of Agriprocessors, giving their useless lying asses 15 more minutes of fame before they have to go back to pretending to be fake Rabbis.

Let’s hear it from them

Uri L’Tzedek on Tuesday retracted its May 23 call for a boycott of any establishment that sells Agriprocessors meat.

The organization said in a statement that “early signs of reform” – including the creation of a compliance office headed by James Martin, a former federal prosecutor in Missouri, to monitor the company’s record on worker safety, pay and immigration laws – point to a new attitud

Yeah. Right.Martin was actually hired on June 24th. Over two weeks ago. And only a few days after Uri L’Tzedek announced their phony boycott.

Uri L’Tzedek called off their fake boycott for the same reason they began it, to get stories written about them. Uri L’Tzedek is a front, a fake, a lie, an attempt at self-promotion by a bunch of useless wankers now pretending to be some sort of national Jewish organization.

A national social justice organization of American Orthodox Jews has dropped its call for a boycott of Agriprocessors Inc. meat products, saying the hiring,,,, blah blah

Let’s look at what’s wrong with this. Uri L’Tzedek is not a national organization, it’s a bunch of students at YCT, a school that’s not even recognized by most American Orthodox Jews. It’s a fraud being perpetrated with the help of the media which is trying to transform a bunch of amateur left wingers posing as Orthodox Jews into a serious group by taking their fraud at face value.

Uri L’Tzedek is trying to play the same blackmail activism games that minority organizations routinely try to pull off, sending out press releases and intimidating Jewish groups into going along with them. They have no crediblity, no standing and represent no one. They’re fake wannabe Rabbis trying to turn themselves into players.

Final note these retarded Uri L’Tzedek wankers actually think Senator Lieberman is the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Addressing these larger issues is integral to our work as activists. Uri L’Tzedek leadership has helped raise significant funds for the families deeply hurt by the raids and has met with U.S. House and Senate staff, and has had a conversation with Senator Joseph Lieberman, Head of the Department of Homeland Security to express our concerns about the human suffering that results from these kinds of enforcement tactics.

Yeah, because we wouldn’t actually want to arrest illegal aliens.

I’m sure Senator Lieberman loved being barraged by the stupidity of these useless wankers too stupid to realize he’s not the head of homeland security.

Hell let’s not just deport the Mexicans. Can we deport Ari Hart and the rest of the useless self-promoting wankers at Uri L’Tzedek too?

From Open Orthodoxy’s blog, this is frakking pathetic. Uri L’Tzedek never even went to Postville or investigated anything. Ari Hart admits he began this whole boycott based on stuff he read in the newspapers. Stick a fork in these useless wankers, they’re done.

I asked Hart the following questions, “Has anyone from Uri L’Tzedek actually visited Postville or the Agriprocessors plant or interviewed any actual workers who are claiming harm? If not what are you basing your social justice information concerning Agriprocessors?” Hart’s response was, “We are not an investigative team, nor do we claim to be. We rely on the following sources for our information.” Hart then listed five web news stories.

Great, can I create my own “national social justice organization” based on stuff I read on Google News? Anyone still taking Uri L’Tzedek’s crap seriously should be hanging their heads in shame after that paragraph.

Uri L’Tzedek Wankers Threaten to Begin Eating Kosher Meat for Kosher Boycott

Yes that’s right, McDonalds of the Upper West Side, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah students for the first time might actually keep Kosher, at least long enough to boycott Rubashkin’s Agriprocessors for being mean to Cows and Mexicans.

It’s a fun paradox that the creative school of Judaism, whose only Kosher meat probably has to be brought in by Rabbi Avi Weiss, will now threaten to not buy kosher meat from Agriprocessors. Yeah I’m sure Rubashkin is losing a lot of money from the Vegan and Conservadox crowd.

Every time the JTA runs another Cowmeat story on Agriprocessors and the threatened Boycott of Doom from Uri L’Tzedek, better known as a bunch of useless wankers from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, 4 of whom might actually know what Kosher even is, I can’t help laughing my ass off.

Uri L’Tzedek threatening a boycott of Agriprocessors is like me threatening a boycott of Tofu. It’s empty posturing by a bunch of useless wankers with goat beards who find learning Gemara and being Rabbis too boring, so they have to create Uri L’Tzedek, their very own useless social justice organization in preparation for figuring out how to get some real grant money and then write their own book or maybe run for Congress.

I’m no fan of Agriprocessors but the demographic there is people who want affordable Kosher meat, not people who spend all night worrying about whether Mexican illegal aliens are happy with their jobs. That’s what rich dumbass limousine liberals and their idiot sons who form Uri L’Tzedek do and they don’t eat Kosher meat, except when they’re busy posturing about their phony boycotts.

So sure gang, chow down on more of that delicious tofu. Pile on the wheatgrass. After all you wouldn’t want to be mean to cows and I’m sure no Mexicans were harmed in the making of your Birkenstocks. I realize you guys at Uri L’Tzedek are really all fired about this, I don’t mean the Mexican cow stuff, just the “getting your names in the paper” stuff. After all the biggest triumph for a bunch of useless wankers is becoming nationally known and respected useless wankers.

Which is why it’s in our interest to keep mocking them until they go away.