Zionism Caused the Holocaust – And I can Prove It!

Settle down. Settle down.

It’s been a long held belief in certain wackier Haredi circles, among Satmar and of course our pals in the Neturei Karta that the Holocaust was a Divine Punishment for Zionism. Books, so holy that they create an instant interdimensional vortex into the pit of hell, have been written on this topic. But let me just offer the ultimate proof that will summarize everything and establish once and for all that the Holocaust was a punishment for Zionism.

Ready? Good.

The Holocaust wiped out millions of Jews across Europe that didn’t move to Israel but didn’t harm any Jews living in Israel. Clearly the Holocaust was a punishment against Zionism.

In fact God hated Zionism so very much, that he wiped out the Jewish communities of Europe while leaving the Jewish communities of Israel intact. Then in war after war he saved Israel from complete destruction through unsubtle miracles.

Clearly the one thing we’ve established with complete certainty is that God hates Zionism.

Now the usual Anti-Zionist argument is that Germany was the homeland of secularization and Zionism which is why the Holocaust emerged from there. There’s only one problem with that argument, history.

Nazism might have come from Germany but it had its worst impacts in Holland and Poland. The highest death rates for Jews weren’t in Germany, where many of the secular and Zionist Jews saw what was coming and got out. No they were highest in Eastern Europe and in Holland. What’s the religious pattern there? You got it, there isn’t one. Except that the advance of Germany toward the East combined with Russia’s advance toward the West trapped the most religious Jewish communities between the hammer and the anvil.

While Hitler managed to overrun Europe and Eastern Europe and even parts of Russia, Hitler’s forces never managed to reach Israel, where the Zionists were. While the Anti-Zionists might want to claim that this was to protect the sanctity of Eretz Yisroel, this protection hadn’t prevented the Romans, the Arabs and the Crusaders from overrunning the place multiple times.

Then by the time Hitler and Stalin were done, Europe was all but uninhabitable for Jews. The only real choices were America or Israel. Thanks to assimilation and intermarriage, American Jews are busy wiping themselves out and today Israel holds the largest Jewish community in the world. Sure it’s one that Iran could wipe out with a Nuke, but after 9/11, you could say the same thing about New York City.

So what are we back to? Right, I hate to second ole Hagee here, but if the Holocaust had any divine message, it was “Move your @sses to the Holy Land.” Of course not being an asshat like ole Hagee or certain Gedolim whose books can transport you interdimensionally to hell, I’m not going to be presumptuous enough to claim that’s what the Holocaust was about.

But if you actually have a working brain, you can see that the events of the Holocaust very blatantly spared Israel while wiping out all the Heilige Velts Vun Toiyre across Eastern Europe and Russia.

Satmar is named after Satu Mare, a town in Romania that is all but empty of Jews while Satmar themselves live in America and Israel. Israel is named after the Zionist Medine founded by the Zionists and run by the Zionists. And the Zionists, dey is living in Israel, yo, nein? It’s not too hard to figure out which group is more relevant these days and which one is trying to dress like 18th century Eastern European peasants while living in Brooklyn and claiming that this somehow affirms their views.

Nobody on this plane of existence can answer the question of why the Holocaust happened, religiously speaking. But the arrogance and presumptuousness of people whose entire communities were destroyed by the Holocaust, precisely because they didn’t move to Israel, claiming that this proves them right, while proving the people who did move to Israel wrong is Twilight Zone level crazy.

Now I’m sure that sooner or later one of them will stop by here and post something about the atonement of the righteous or the Torah communities being punished because they failed to prevent Zionism or protest against it loudly enough, and I’ll laugh in their faces and tell them that they’re using convoluted reasoning to try and defend a ridiculous belief that is contrary to what actually happened.

I’ll also ask them how in 1948 a country with no real army managed to beat the armies of the biggest Arab nations while in 1943 the Jews of Europe were hunted animals running from every leaf. For people who love to reel off the recitation of curses we just finished reading in Parshas Behukotai, they might want to study some of the blessings.

A handful chasing enemy armies? Done.

Vast harvests and yields of fruit and grain? Done.

A great increase in population and childbirth? Done.

I’m not an RTG man myself, but the evidence on hand shows a much more credible argument for Reishis Tzmichat Geulateinu than it does for “Zionism caused the Holocaust.” Because it didn’t and common sense alone can prove it.

After the Holocaust the descendants of the very same people cursing Zionists and Zionism had to take refuge in the land of the Zionist medina because their own lands and homes where they were so eager to live in service to the gentile were gone. Today they live in Israel and curse the Zionist instead.