Anti-Semitic Hate Site Failed Messiah Mad about “Informers” Analogy

Already batshit Jewhater Scott, or as he insists on calling himself Shmarya Rosenberg at Failed Messiah, a popular link on the Neo-Nazi circuit, is ranting mad about an article by an Israeli Rabbi calling Peace Now informers, claiming that by calling Peace Now, “Informers” Rabbi Yisrael Rozen was calling for their murder.

Of course in addition to being a Grade A nutjob and bigot Shmarya Rosenberg is also a complete hypocrite because he uses incendiary language on FailedMessiah all the time, and would go even more batshit insane than usual if any legal authority held him to account for the torrents of hate he spews at Jews day in and day out.

But of course Shmarya Rosenberg feels entitled to go on the insane tirades of hate against Jews that endear him so much to Neo-Nazis, also feels other people should be jailed for speech he doesn’t like.

This leads me right back to a time when a Catholic told Shmarya Rosenberg off for the bigoted Jewhating smear of toilet trash that he is, on a FailedMessiah post called “Jewish Mass Murderers”

You know all one has to do is exchange the word “Catholic” for “Jew” & “Nazi” for “Communist” and this would read like any anti-Catholic canard I have ever been subjected too in my life. Indeed if I only had a dime for every anti-Catholic who with glee pointed out to me Hitler was baptised & rasied Catholic……….

Which then leads me to ask what is the purpose of this post? What does it do other than feed the propoganda of anti-Semites?

If I look at history I can find mass murdering apsotates from any religion. Stalin was a fallen Orthodox Christian, hiter was Catholic & some of Stalin’s men where fallen Jews? So what?

Sharmya Rosenberg of course has no answer, but it had the same purpose as all the Failed Messiah posts, besides being linkbait for Shmarya Rosenberg’s NeoNazi link pals, it’s about Shmarya emitting his insane torrent of hate for anything Jewish.