Anti-Semitic Hate Site Failed Messiah Mad about “Informers” Analogy

Already batshit Jewhater Scott, or as he insists on calling himself Shmarya Rosenberg at Failed Messiah, a popular link on the Neo-Nazi circuit, is ranting mad about an article by an Israeli Rabbi calling Peace Now informers, claiming that by calling Peace Now, “Informers” Rabbi Yisrael Rozen was calling for their murder.

Of course in addition to being a Grade A nutjob and bigot Shmarya Rosenberg is also a complete hypocrite because he uses incendiary language on FailedMessiah all the time, and would go even more batshit insane than usual if any legal authority held him to account for the torrents of hate he spews at Jews day in and day out.

But of course Shmarya Rosenberg feels entitled to go on the insane tirades of hate against Jews that endear him so much to Neo-Nazis, also feels other people should be jailed for speech he doesn’t like.

This leads me right back to a time when a Catholic told Shmarya Rosenberg off for the bigoted Jewhating smear of toilet trash that he is, on a FailedMessiah post called “Jewish Mass Murderers”

You know all one has to do is exchange the word “Catholic” for “Jew” & “Nazi” for “Communist” and this would read like any anti-Catholic canard I have ever been subjected too in my life. Indeed if I only had a dime for every anti-Catholic who with glee pointed out to me Hitler was baptised & rasied Catholic……….

Which then leads me to ask what is the purpose of this post? What does it do other than feed the propoganda of anti-Semites?

If I look at history I can find mass murdering apsotates from any religion. Stalin was a fallen Orthodox Christian, hiter was Catholic & some of Stalin’s men where fallen Jews? So what?

Sharmya Rosenberg of course has no answer, but it had the same purpose as all the Failed Messiah posts, besides being linkbait for Shmarya Rosenberg’s NeoNazi link pals, it’s about Shmarya emitting his insane torrent of hate for anything Jewish.

A Real World Guide to Shidduch Definitions


A Real Learner – He has over 400 gigabytes of naked Asian girls on his Mp4 enabled cell phone and a plan to never work for the rest of his life.

He’s Interested in Chinuch – He has no clue or plan for the rest of his life.

His Grandfather is Related to the Chofetz Chaim – His grandfather once read a book about the Chofetz Chaim and memorized the pertinent details.

He’s Really Good with Stocks – He wants to blow your dowry on

He’s a Very Sensitive Boy – He watched Titanic 9 times and cried every time.

He Spent a Year Learning in Israel – He Spent a Year Smoking and Flirting with Natasha who works in that booth at Machane Yehuda in between sodas.

He’s a Very Erliche Boy – He hasn’t figured out how to have fun yet.

You Never See Him Without a Sefer – You never see him without his protective camouflage.

He’ll Make a Great Father – His emotional age is around 7.

He’s a Very Handsome Bochur – He weighs 250 pounds with his cell phones and eats pizza with his hands.

He’s Never Looked at a Girl – He might be gay.

He Wants to Live in Israel – He thinks wife beating might be legal there.


She’s a Very Artistic Girl – She likes to freeze dry macaroni and paint it different colors.

She’s a Real Balabuste – She’s looking forward to spending all day watching the Home Shopping Network while the Polish maid cleans.

She’s Very Low Maintenance – She only throws one irrational tantrum a day.

She’s Very Loving – She’ll be IM’ing a guy in Canada before your Shana Rishona is up.

She Loves Children – Sex terrifies her.

She’s a Real Role Model – She’s always in charge of deciding which girls to snub.

She’s a Very Special Girl – She’s insane and we’re all frightened of her.

She’s Very Caring – She uses baby talk to adults.

She’s a Real Catch – We’re desperate.

Her Family is Very Erlich – Her family hides their TV antenna behind a potted plant.

She’s So Full of Life – She weighs 300 pounds.


Don’t Let This One Get Away – The sucker’s falling for it.

I Can’t Say a Single Bad Thing – There’s too many bad things to say just one.

Don’t You Wish You had a Doctor in the Family? – Don’t you wish you had a spouse you have to make an appointment to see.

They’re a Real Go Getter – They’re a user.

Who Can Forget? – Who can remember?

I Hope You Like Cats. – Run, run now.

WTF? Agriprocessors hiring Muslims to package Meat?

Agriprocessors dumped Hispanics and now apparently hired Somali Muslims to work in the plant.

Great plan guys, couldn’t you just hire serial killers or maybe teenagers with constantly running saliva glands. No thanks, just no thanks.

About 150 Somalis, refugees who live and work legally in this country, have arrived to work at Agriprocessors since the raid. At first, most were single men, but a growing number of women are starting to join them. In the evenings, the long, lanky men in loose fitting clothes and women, swathed in traditional Muslim dresses and hijabs, can often be seen walking from the meatpacking plant to downtown.

There, inside the former “Sunday Mattress” store, where the windows still tout Fulls, Queens, and Kings, Hassan Aar described the pull of work that lured him from Minneapolis to Postville.

Yeah no. Putting people from a religion who hate our guts and whose country was recently being run by Al Queda is not the people I trust to handle the food I eat. Especially when we’re talking about people who move around a lot and who probably couldn’t even be tracked down if something happened.

This isn’t a lame ass boycott, but there’s no way in hell I’m buying meat that was under Muslim control. That’s just frakking stupid and I’m not a stupid person. I’m not crazy about illegal Mexicans, but I’ll take them or trained giraffes any day over people whose religious ideal is killing Jews.

Add this one to Yayin Nesech. Call it Basar Sonim. Or just common sense. Hiring Muslims to work in a Kosher plant makes as much sense as hiring Neo-Nazis to work in a Kosher plant. “Sure come on in Bruno and Fritz, the Kosher meat is over there. Have a blast.”

For anyone still willing to eat Agriprocessors after this, enjoy all the Muslim saliva, mucus, ass and maybe sooner or later something deadlier. But hey, it’s “cheaper”.

For me no more Agriprocessors as long as they’re using Muslims.

Muslim women say veils increase harassment

In Egypt, Some Women Say That Veils Increase Harassment

CAIRO — In a Muslim country where the numbers of women wearing the veil are rising, and so — by most accounts — are incidents of groping and catcalls in the streets, the message in ads circulating anonymously in e-mails here in Egypt is clear:

“A veil to protect, or eyes will molest,” one warns.

The words sit over two illustrations, one comparing a veiled woman, her hair and neck covered in the manner known to Muslims as hijab, to a wrapped candy, untouched and pure.

The other picture shows an unveiled woman, hair flying wildly and hip jutting, next to a candy that has had its wrapper stripped off — and is now covered in flies.

“You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself,” warns another ad likening men to flies and women to sweets. Bloggers in Egypt have taken to calling such messages the “veil your lollipop” campaign.

No group has asserted responsibility for the online ads, which so far have drawn little attention outside Egyptian blogs. But the campaign comes at a time of converging debate on two keenly felt issues in Egypt: the growing social pressure on Muslim women to veil themselves; and the rising incidence of sexual harassment of women by strangers.

Surprisingly, some Egyptian women say that their veils don’t protect against harassment, as the lollipop ads argue, but fuel it. A survey released this summer supports the view.

“These guys are animals. If they saw a female dog, they would harass it,” Hind Sayed, a 20-year-old sidewalk vendor in Cairo’s Mohandisseen district, said, staring coldly at a knot of male vendors who stood grinning a few feet from her.

In accord with her interpretation of Islamic law, which says women should dress modestly, Sayed wore a flowing black robe and black veil. Together, they covered all but her hands and her pale face with its drawn-on, expressive eyebrows. Despite her attire, Sayed said, she daily endures suggestive comments from male customers and fellow vendors.

“I think a woman who wears hijab can be more provocative to them,” Sayed said. “The more covered up you are, the more interesting you are to them.”

Zuhair Mohammed, a 60-year-old shopper on the same street, said she long ago stopped wearing the traditional Islamic covering, in part for that reason.

“I feel like with the hijab, it makes them wonder, ‘What are you hiding underneath?’ ” Mohammed said.

Mona Eltahawy, a 41-year-old Egyptian social commentator who now lives, unveiled, in the United States, said that as a Muslim woman who wore hijab for nine years and was harassed “countless times” in Egypt, she has concluded that the increase in veiling has somehow contributed to the increase in harassment.

“The more women veil the less men learn to behave as decent and civilized members of society,” Eltahawy wrote in an interview via Facebook. “And the more women are harassed, the more they veil thinking it will ‘protect’ them.”

Female travelers consider Egypt one of the worst countries in the world for harassment on the streets — second only to Afghanistan, where the Taliban forced all women behind the veil and into seclusion in their homes.

And it’s not just women’s perceptions. The United States and Britain both warn female visitors in travel advisories that they may face unwanted attention, or sexual attacks, in Egypt.

When Egyptian lawmakers objected to Britain’s advisory this summer, calling it a slur, Britain responded that more female British tourists were harassed and assaulted, even raped, while in Egypt than in any other country.

A new survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights makes harassment on the streets appear not a risk, but a virtual certainty. According to the center, 98 percent of the foreign women and 83 percent of the Egyptian women surveyed said they had been sexually harassed in the country.

About half of the women, Egyptian and non-Egyptian, said they were harassed every day as they went about the streets. The survey polled 2,020 Egyptian men and women and 109 non-Egyptian women.

Foreign women identified Egyptian policemen and other security officials as the most frequent harassers.

Two-thirds of the Egyptian men surveyed admitted to harassing women, in actions ranging from staring openly at their bodies, shouting explicit comments, touching the women or exposing themselves.

“It makes a woman happy when I call to her. It makes her know she’s attractive,” 20-year-old Alla Aldin Salem said on the sidewalk in Mohandisseen, after going out of earshot of the glaring fellow vendor in hijab.

“The woman herself is the one who makes men harass her,” said Fawzi Tahbet, a 50-year-old man selling kitchenware on another stretch of the sidewalk, under the shade of a tree. “If she’s walking, swinging as she goes, of course it will happen.”

In fact, the survey’s results challenged a stereotype, according to Nehad Komsan, chairwoman of the women’s rights center.

While both men and women surveyed said that short skirts and tight clothes triggered harassment, the survey found that women in hijab were the most frequent targets of unwanted comments and touching on the street.

Among Egyptian women, 72 percent of those who described incidents of harassment said they were veiled at the time.

“It surprised me,” said Komsan, who wears hijab. “It doesn’t matter what you wear.”

Egypt’s most notorious case of harassment occurred last year when two fully veiled Gulf Arab women were surrounded by dozens of men on a street and molested.

Bystanders filmed the episode and posted it on YouTube. It became an embarrassment to Egypt’s government and a spark for the first public debate on sexual harassment in Egypt. A female lawmaker now is pushing legislation that would allow jail sentences for some forms of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Anecdotes told by the women who were surveyed portrayed women choosing to give up jobs and education because of harassment, Komsan said. She presented Egyptian news media with the case of a 14-year-old girl who stopped going to school because of the harassment she suffered on a public bus during the daily trips to school and back. The girl’s father had come to the women’s rights center, seeking help in getting his daughter back to class.

An estimated 80 percent of Egyptian women now wear hijab. Pressure on the remainder to cover up grows every year, as fundamentalism gains influence in Muslim societies worldwide.

“Bravo, you’ve taken the veil,” a popular Egyptian singer croons in one music video, which shows a previously neglectful boyfriend beaming and offering a wedding ring when his formerly uncovered girlfriend dons a head scarf.

Veiling parties laud girls who’ve covered up. Egyptian women who don’t wear hijab say that, more and more, they encounter strangers urging them in the streets, “Sister, you’d be more beautiful if you veiled.”

At the women’s rights center, Komsan recounted a few of the many reasons, in addition to religion, that prompt women to veil: rebellion against a less openly devout older generation; a desire to demonstrate Islamic solidarity; a desire to show oneself a good girl who would make a good wife.

Asked how many women also wore the veil in hopes of protecting against harassment, Komsan smiled. “Most,” she said.

Shidduch Crisis Solutions

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of responses to my Shidduch Crisis post, some complaining that it didn’t include solutions. My whole freaking point of course was that Shidduchim are themselves the problem, creating a crisis in function, so there is no solution, just ways to make things a tiny bit better. But since people want solutions, let’s bring on the solutions.

I said that the Shidduch Crisis is a problem in function that takes place when American values of compatibility and love and all the fluffy stuff meet good old fashioned East European, she’s available, went to a good Sem and her father has money, style of matchmaking.

So the obvious solution is to jettison either the Shidduch system or the American values and do it Chassidish style, (No, not once a month or when there’s a lunar eclipse), and get married while hardly knowing anything about the other person, except who his or her grandparents were. As you’ve probably heard by now, such a system has lower divorce rates, of course Musical Chairs Marriage probably only produces lower divorce rates when divorce is a severe social stigma and when you can’t function outside your own community.

Since we’re not going to really do either one of those and this is a crisis in function, let’s see how we can improve the efficiency of the function. So now let’s try something really wacky like a more Intelligent Matching System that takes into account personal values, likes and dislikes. Non-Jewish sites like e-Harmony have already been playing around with that sort of thing. I’ve never actually been on there or on Jdate, so I have no idea to what degree that works, but it might be a more reliable means of matching couples that have some chance of actually liking each other than a 3×5 set of index cards.

Then there’s the possiblity of exploring Problem Solving Compatibility, one of the interesting things we study is just how people address problems, and since marriage is in many ways a big giant excercise in constant problem solving, matching people based on their problem solving styles. This would require a software based test, it would not test for similar problem solving approaches, as that would create conflict, but compatible ones. Think of it as Astrology, except real and non-idol worshiping (Yes I know what some Rishonim say, Bite me!) and actually useful, except no one is using it.

Finally there’s the good old fashioned Self-selecting Compatibility Test, which involves placing a bunch of people in the same room, giving them the chance to interact and seeing who ends up with who. It’s far from perfect since most people are stupid and given half a chance will choose the wrong person for them. Especially if those people are 19-22 year olds with limited experience of the opposite sex. But it might be better for them than having someone else choose the wrong person for them.

But as you can see the limits of more intelligent matching are HUMAN LIMITS. And that’s where it gets fun, because it forces us to ask what the real purpose of Shidduchim is.

The Shidduch system is schizophrenic because on the one hand it has to fulfill its Communal Function, which is to perpetuate the social and religious values of the community through marriage and on the other hand it has to address the need of two young people for personal fulfillment.

In the Frum world, marriage is the initiation ceremony into becoming a full fledged member of the community, which is one reason singles find life in the frum world so stressfull. Balancing communal and personal needs would drive anyone crazy.

But the first step to actually talking about Shidduch Crisis Solutions is to realize that there is no solution. That’s right, Human Limits. If we jettisoned the Shidduch System, we would no longer have a Shidduch Crisis and singles would no longer have a system to blame for not being married. And they might have to recognize that the major reason they’re not married is themselves. Human limits.

The Shidduch System is a deaf, dumb and blind system for meeting a mate, but when left up to individuals, things are no better. Girls and many boys go into dates conditioned by the Western Cult of Love into believing in love at first sight, in meeting your soullmate or bashert, which means they go in counting on their short term subjective emotions to tell them who to be with for the rest of their lives. And that is about as flawed a meter as you can get. But that’s really all we have to go on, because marriage itself is subject to the same human limits as choosing a mate. It’s an emotional roll of the dice that assumes that short term chemistry, fascination or seeming compatibility will work out in the long run. It might, it might not.

Human limitations. There is no solution to any problem that involves a problem as old as time, boy and girl living happily ever after. There are just small human techniques for making things a little more manageable. Sorry.